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New process could be white lightning to electronics industry


There is a new era of electronics now that deals with quantum devices that could be ushered in with fabrications of the perfect single layered White Graphene in them. This has been deduced by the scientist working in research department of the Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This material would be basically called as hexaganol boron nitrite that will be featuring the best transparency according to its sister graphene. Graphene is normally inert material, that is non reactivate in nature  and has smoothness. It also show case mechanical strength and providing thermal conductivity as well. . But unlike graphene this new material is a insulator on the contrary and makes useful substrate for the foundation of cell phones laptops and tablets .

Researchers are in a hope to unleash its full potential to give performance consistancy with its theoretical value aspect. With white graphene as a substrate, researchers believe they can help solve the problem while further reducing the thickness and increasing the flexibility of electronic devices.



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