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“Navitas Presents:” Partner Insights at CES 2023


Leading consumer brands Anker, OnePlus, Spigen and Ugreen highlight the latest smartphone and laptop charging benchmarks enabled by next-generation GaN power ICs

Navitas Semiconductor (Nasdaq: NVTS), the only pure-play, next-generation power semiconductor company and industry leader in gallium nitride (GaN) power ICs and silicon carbide (SiC) technology, has announced “Navitas Presents:”, a high-profile partner speaker series at CES2023. The presentations are an end-market view of how next-gen technology is replacing legacy silicon chips in fast charging and small size for ultimate portability.

Each speaker will highlight how the use of GaN advances their own designs, with additional references to sustainability. Each live presentation will be followed by Q&A, and attendees will also have the chance to win a variety of prizes in the GaNFast Giveaway and OnePlus-GaNFast Gaming Experience, plus the last chance to enter to win a Tesla Model 3 Performance, worth $60,000.

“Navitas Presents:” will take place on the Navitas booth (LVCC Central Hall, #17584), which has been designed to showcase “Planet Navitas” – an immediate implementation of tomorrow’s sustainable, achievable, everyday world built on advanced GaN and SiC technologies. Among the topics covered will be the importance of GaN-based solutions in delivering the faster charging, extended battery life, compact form factors and sustainability demanded by today’s consumers. The significance of these requirements was underlined in a recent OnePlus survey, which will be referenced during the OnePlus speaker sessions.

As part of the mission to “Electrify our World™”, the series also includes Navitas presentations covering diversified end-uses from 20 W cellphone chargers to 2 kW data center power, 20 kW EV chargers and on to MW-scale grid-tied applications.

The presentation line-up is as follows:

Anker: GaN – Driving the next generation of sustainable power delivery solutions
Eric Villines, Chief Communications Officer, Anker Innovations
Friday 6th January, 11am Pacific (register here)

OnePlus: The Power of GaNFast Technology on the OnePlus 10T5G
Spenser Blank, Head of PR & Communications, OnePlus North America
Thursday January 5th and Saturday 7th at 11am Pacific (register)

Spigen: Something You Want with Navitas GaN
Justin Ma, Senior PR Specialist, Spigen
Friday 6th January, 2pm Pacific (register)

Ugreen: Charging Into The GaNFast Future
Frederick Rollins, Creative Marketing manager, Ugreen
Thursday 5th January and Saturday 4th at 2pm Pacific (register)

Navitas speakers:
Electrify Our World™
Gene Sheridan, CEO and co-founder, Navitas Semiconductor
Thursday 5th January at 3:30pm Pacific (register)

Living Well Off the Grid
Llew Vaughan-Edmunds, Snr. Director, Navitas Semiconductor
Thursday 5th January at 12 noon Pacific (register)

The Silicon Chip is Dead!
Stephen Oliver, VP Corporate Marketing & Investor Relations, Navitas Semiconductor
Friday 6th January at 3:30pm Pacific (register)

Navitas founder and CEO Gene Sheridan stated: “Navitas GaNFast technology has been adopted by leading brands looking to deliver speed, efficiency and optimum power density. It gives us great pleasure to host a number of those brands at CES 2023 and to give visitors the opportunity to hear how GaN – and higher-voltage SiC technology – continue to make a significant difference as we Electrify Our World.”

CES2023 runs from January 5th to 8th, Las Vegas, NV. To schedule a meeting with Navitas at CES, contact

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