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Navitas Powers Pioneering NIO Phone with Fast Charging and Seamless EV Interaction

Navitas x NIO

Next-gen GaNFast™ technology charges NIO’s first ever phone, with optimized “Vehicle-to-Person” (V2P) integration

Navitas Semiconductor (Nasdaq: NVTS) announced that NIO, a global, leading, new-energy vehicle maker has released its inaugural smartphone, the NIO Phone with a powerful 66 W fast charger featuring Navitas’ next-generation gallium-nitride (GaN) GaNFast™ power ICs equipped with GaNSense™ technology. This enhancement delivers flagship-level charging efficiency, providing end users with a better vehicle-centric mobile interconnection experience. New GaNFast ICs are replacing legacy silicon chips to enable next-gen fast-charging for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

The flagship NIO Phone features the leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, and boasts a 6.81-inch 2K variable refresh-rate curved screen, with the main, ultra-wide-angle, and 50 M pixel periscope telephoto cameras. Using NIO Link panoramic-interconnection technology, the NIO Phone integrates smoothly and seamlessly with smart EVs and NIO’s in-car system. With a single click, the driver can control over 30 functions, and equipped with ultra-wideband technology, it can completely replace traditional car keys.

To support such powerful and comprehensive features, the NIO Phone is equipped with a large 5,200 mAh battery and an in-box GaNFast charger offering up to 66 W of charging power. Measuring only 57 x 57 x 30 mm (97.5 cc), the NV6136 GaNFast power IC in a high-frequency quasi-resonant (HFQR) topology with loss-less current sensing and ultra-fast autonomous short-circuit protection, delivers power density of 1.03 W/cc.

Mr. Zhang Baozhou who is responsible for NIO’s mobile phone supply chain, stated, “NIO is dedicated to providing users with high-performance smart electric vehicles and ultimate user experience, creating a delightful lifestyle for our users. The NIO Phone fulfills the expectations and needs of NIO users for a flagship smartphone, making their cars more intuitive and user-friendly. In launching NIO Phone, we are very pleased to collaborate with Navitas Semiconductor, industry leader in GaN to utilize the mature, cutting-edge GaNFast power ICs, allowing our users to experience a comprehensive, lightweight, and efficient charging experience.”

Mr. Wu Gongli, GM of R&D for TenPao, the manufacturing partner for the NIO Phone commented, “We are excited to work with Navitas to build this leading GaN charger for NIO users, marking an important milestone in TenPao’s development. Navitas’ GaNFast ICs deliver top power-density performance with easy-to-use features. The combination of high efficiency and fast design accelerates our time-to-market.”

Mr. Yingjie (Charles) Zha, VP and GM of Navitas China, stated, “Navitas is extremely honored to collaborate with TenPao to make the NIO Phone possible by integrating the leading GaNFast technology into the NIO Phone. Navitas’ mission to ‘Electrify Our World™’ aligns closely with NIO’s objective of ‘Blue Sky Coming’. This is just the beginning of our collaboration. In the future, Navitas will spare no effort to deeply-integrate energy-saving, sustainable, world-leading GaN and SiC technology into NIO Phone’s DNA, creating a comprehensive lifestyle revolution from a smartphone to EVs.”

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