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Navitas and GravaStar “Roll Out” World’s First 65 W GaNFast™ Chargers Customized to Transformers™ Movie Characters


3-output 65 W mobile fast chargers based on sentient robots Optimus Prime™ and Bumblebee™ are enabled by autonomous next-gen GaNSense™ Control power electronics

Navitas Semiconductor (Nasdaq: NVTS), announced that GravaStar’s new Alpha65 Transformers-branded fast chargers use the next-generation GaNSense Control power IC.

These custom chargers celebrate the world-wide release of the action-packed movie “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts™.” Well-crafted, with unique design, the chargers combine real-world, high-performance gallium nitride (GaN) with sentient ‘mecha’ robot sci-fi culture. Each ‘2C1A’ 65 W charger has two USB Type C and one USB Type A output, to fast-charge three devices simultaneously, including laptops, cellphones, tablets, earbuds, etc.

The Alpha65 chargers are designed as cute pet robots, with 360° rotating magnetic antenna and 45° foldable legs for more playability. Inspired by two popular Transformers characters – Optimus Prime and Bumblebee – Alpha65 chargers come in two colors: blue and yellow. Each charger body is adorned with the classic logo of the Autobots, and the overall finish is hand-polished, highlighting the texture of battle damage to display each leader’s spirit.

Each tiny charger measures only 58 x 35 x 55 mm (112 cc), yet ‘transforms’ 4x bigger, to a mighty 84.5 x 60 x 89 mm (451 cc) with extended antennas and legs. The lightweight (128 g) design is achieved by Navitas’ GaNSense Control which integrates a low-voltage silicon system controller with a high-voltage, monolithically-integrated GaN power IC. For the Alpha65, the NV9580 QR-flyback primary device is matched with the NV9701 IC for high-frequency secondary rectification to realize safe, energy-saving power conversion.

“GravaStar provides consumers with trendy and innovative 3C products. The Alpha Transformers design is not only a high-speed GaN charger but also an exquisite collectible for Transformers fans worldwide.” said Gravistar founder and Chief Product Manager, Mr. Huang Yong. “The partnership with Navitas let us witness the enormous potential of GaNSense Control. We’re looking forwarding to deeper collaboration with Navitas to introduce more, next-generation power devices.”

Charles Zha, VP and GM of Navitas China sent his sincere congratulations: “Navitas is delighted that we helped GravaStar present Alpha 65W charger as a gift to Transformers fans. The success of the Alpha Transformer charger has sparked our imagination for the future of charger design, with confidence derived from the high level of integration and valuable features of Navitas’ GaNSense Control.”

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