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Multi Spectral images for Higher Security


Under the latest announcements made in the field of ‘colour noise supression’ and ‘pseudo color depiction’ from RFEL. The former is said to provide more natural looking results in extreme low light, and the later highlights the key temperature differences.

Under this phenomenon create a single video of a scene that combines feature information from two cameras – one operating in visible spectrum and one in infra-red. However, there are some  significant technical hurdles to overcome that would be accomplished soon.

REFL’s fusion algorithm is called Video Fusion. Which includes real-time warpping capability to pixel-align  different views captured by side-by-side cameras.

REFL business development manager further added to his statement, that people want to go to next level, that demands greater definition and clarity in videos. And with Video Fusion IP they would be offering the same to the users. Pseudo colour pixel depiction provides designers the mechanism to highlight key temperature differences in a scene with customization colours for hot objects in preference to the natural-contrast grey levels. “This can be controlled in real-time, so that users do not have to compromise when their mission changes from situational awareness to surveillance,” said RFEL.

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