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Mobile industry agrees on technology standards for global LPWA market


The GSMA has announced that the mobile industry has agreed on technology standards for the emerging Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) market and these standards have been accepted by 3GPP. accordingly the common standard of the Narrow Band IoT extended coverage and the LTE machines will be operated under ecosystem partners to capitalist the overall estimate that is US$589billion by 2020, according to Machina Research.  Some other complementary technologies such as the 3GPP will be releasing 134  license spectrum to cover teh LPWA use cases.

The GSMA’s ‘Mobile IoT Initiative’,  has supported the 27 world leading operatorschipsets oems , infrastructure companies as well to start the full commercialisation . The GSMA will also host a 3GPP ad-hoc working meeting to work towards finalising the details of the agreed NB-IoT standards.


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