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Microchip to launch CAN-FD based products featuring Kvaser IP



Microchip says that they will be featuring Kvaser’s CAN and CAN FD IP that will be offered to arrange of products that will be particularly targeting on the automotive applications. These devices will be rolling out in the mid of 2016. As the part of collaboration Kvaser says that it has definitely benefited from Microchips expertise and the testing capabilities and are working as a group to develop and improve the CAN FD technology.

CAN FD is basically the flexible data rates that is extension to its prior CAN protocol that normally allows higher data rate and large packet size to transmit.  CAN networks are conventionally limited to 1 MBPS with having a maximum payload of 8 Byte per frame. AN FD will be increasing the effective data rate by about 78 times to 64 Byte per frame that too without changing the CAN PHY.  Microchips has sustained a good and long relationship with Kvaser that helps the device to minimize the cycle times . All these products will be released amid 2016 onwards.

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