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Low noise, low power, high speed 24-bit SAR ADC

Low noise low power high speed 24-bit SAR ADC_popup

Recently it has been announced that Linear Technology has invented the LTC2380 -24 , that has a no latency 24 bit successive automation register known as SAR. This is Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC). This operates by the supply of 2.5 V and it features ±Vref differential input range that is Vref ranging from 2.5 to 5.1V. This LTC2380 -24 totally consumes around 28 mW and is readily claimed to achieve  ±3.5ppm INL and has no missing codes at the 24 bits.

It will be also featuring an integrated digital Filter that will be claiming around 1 to 65,535 conversions results in the real time strata, This will be henceforth improving the dynamic range from 101dB at 1.5Msps to approx 145 dB at the output sub range of 30.5sps.  This makes it applicable for the device to be used in seismic and other medical appliances that demands really high range . As a on chip digital filter is used in the device that readily eliminated the processing burden of the digital host in LTC2380-24.


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