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Legrand India Launches its 17th Experiential Centre, Innoval in Goa

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  • Innoval to house all Legrand’s products and solutions under one roof brings the range of connected devices to the customers
  • Defines the next level in customer engagement and Designeering
  • Showcase of trending Connected offering

Legrand India, a global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure, launched its 17th state-of-the-art experience centre Innoval, housing the entire range of Legrand’s products in Goa today, including a newly launched connected offering. Innoval will host its India group company products – Legrand. Globally, Innoval’s are present in France, Greece, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Dubai. Innoval made its pioneering record in the Asia Pacific region with its launch in Mumbai, India, followed by its successful launches in Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Dehradun, Coimbatore, Kochi, Chennai, Chandigarh, Surat, Lucknow, Vizag, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi and its first voice-controlled experiential centre in Bangalore. The brand is now poised to mystify the Goa market with its compact version of Innoval, launch today.

Innoval is Legrand’s global brand of product showcases. The name Innoval reflects Legrand’s brand value of developing a range of innovative products (Valley of Innovation). The narrative Innoval is based on the concept of ‘Source to End Usage’, where the products are arranged in relation to each other and according to where they fall on the energy and data distribution grid. Keeping in mind the vastly different profiles of visitors, the products are arranged as per the business verticals, namely – User Interface, Energy Distribution, Digital infrastructure, and Cable Management.

The design approach is based on the concept of Designeering. It has all the technicalities of engineering but is put forth in an intuitive and easy to understand communication system. With interactive product displays, a fully automated experience, educational infographics, and clean minimal visual language, Innoval has been designed to provide visitors with a first-hand experience to help them make an informed choice.

Innoval is also built from the perspective of providing training for all players in the electrical trade, from investors to installers. Legrand has been known industry-wide for its innovation, value adds to solutions, and helping these professionals adapt to a constantly changing business. The purpose of Innoval, the Legrand Group’s training provider for the residential and commercial markets, aims to support all these partners (investors, system integrators, architects, panel builders, end customers etc.) by helping them acquire new skills to understand the market better. The market is fast-growing, and customers have multiple needs and expectations. With the new generation becoming decision-makers, the demand for products with innovation and technology has increased.

Mr. Tony Berland, CEO & Managing Director, Group Legrand India, said, “The range of Legrand’s offer has expanded over the last few years in India. It has built product solutions for various industries and its users (investors, system integrators, architects, panel builders, end customers etc.) To adapt to new age customers and to bolster its integrity with regards to the current offers and expertise, Legrand has updated its approach.” He further added, “Today, with the launch in Goa, we intend to reach out to our customers and business partners in the city. This is a delightful way to establish dialogues with these new-age modern customers and showcase the latest offers. Innoval allows Legrand to be more than just a supplier, to act as a genuine partner, creating close ties with the electrical and digital trade.”

Mr. Samir Kakkar, Sales Director, Group Legrand India, said, “Legrand has a substantial offering of electrical and digital infrastructure products across several business verticals; many of which are highly technical. The idea behind Innoval is to break this down for the consumers by curating the products within a framework of an experiential and interactive narrative that is simpler to comprehend. Goa is great potential market for Innoval Brand. With the launch of the seventeen different Innoval in India, we have successfully taken a step towards the B2B experience zone for the customer (in the highly technical segment). The same could have been not possible due to innovative and creative thought process of worlds and countries leading electrical giant – Legrand.”

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