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Kodiak pioneers autonomous technology for long-haul truck deliveries using Vicor power modules

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Vicor Powering Innovation podcast discusses the revolutionary technology behind today’s autonomous long-haul trucking 

Vicor Corporation, the leader in high‑performance power modules, invites Kodiak Robotics, a pioneer in self-driving long-haul technology, to share their story on the Vicor Powering Innovation podcast. Kodiak’s unique technology is the world’s first to enable autonomous driving for the commercial trucking industry.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Kodiak is beta testing trucking routes between Dallas and Atlanta, paving the way for widespread adoption of self-driving technology in commercial fleets. The company is focused on increasing system efficiency, reducing costs and emissions and enhancing the quality of life for the rapidly dwindling number of long-haul truck drivers.

The Vicor Powering Innovation podcast is available to download from all major podcast providers, including Spotify, Apple Music and Google Podcasts. Listeners can learn about today’s toughest power challenges, new ideas in electrification, creative power architectures and real-life power design challenges.

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