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Intel Capital set to invest $500million in 2015


Intel Capital that is a Chip Giant is going to invest a large amount of $500 million in a deal that starts up the range by the end of year 2015. This is the latest round by the company, where it will be putting more than $22 billion in its 10 startups that will be having a range of technologies from wireless charging devices and solutions to new ways of offering human model. Intel officials said ” We are moving on the track to invest more that $500 million into the startups in the year 2015.” They are regarding it to make the strongest year eve in the history.

It is basically a part of firm that makes a funding of $3.5 million that placed in London named What3Words. The company will be developing a platform to allow many people to come and find and readily communicate on particular areas . Therefor it has been divided into a 3*3 m square areas and like this there are almost 57 trillion of them equipped.  This cash will be helping the companies to develop wireless charging networks that will be deployed in coffee shops  and airports regions.  This is regarded as the most largest and successful venture ever happened on the planet.


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