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Hygge Energy launches Zero-Emission Mobility Solution at THINK Gas CNG stations

  • To develop the CNG ecosystem in Bhopal
  • New customer experience of booking and filling CNG
  • Convenience to over 20,000 CNG Customers across all stations soon
  • Unlocks $15 billion opportunity through carbon credits by promoting clean energy.

Clean technology innovator Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) Energy launched its zero-emission mobility solution at THINK Gas CNG station in Bhopal this month. The mobility solution offers a Hygge app, which can be downloaded on smartphones. With the launch of Hygge, customers will get a new improved experience of filling their CNG vehicles at THINK Gas branded CNG stations by eliminating waiting time and better line management. This will help service the customer and develop the CNG ecosystem better.

THINK Gas is currently catering to over 20,000 vehicles in Bhopal daily. With the increasing demand of CNG in Bhopal, applications like Hygge will help serve the customer demands better. A simple use application, drivers can now book CNG filling slots in advance at THINK Gas CNG stations, as per their preferred date, time, and location, and also pay for CNG securely using the app. THINK Gas CNG station operators can manage the bookings on the app at their end.

The solution is facilitated by Hygge CNG, Hygge Energy’s mobile app that offers a 360-degree experience to users. Integrating this solution with carbon trading soon would add another revenue stream for THINK Gas by providing them access to a multi-billion-dollar carbon credit market.

Mr. Prateek Saxena, CEO of Hygge Energy said, “We have demonstrated that the benefits of our technology platform are not limited to electric vehicle drivers; the same platform has been successfully deployed for CNG filling to cater to the needs of CNG vehicle drivers as well. Ours is a truly zero-emission mobility solution built on next-generation technology that focuses on customer experience, which includes avoiding long queues and delays at stations, at zero cost to the station owners.”

“CNG Station owners lack the ability to consolidate carbon credits for monetization; Hygge is developing a robust carbon trading system for zero-emission mobility in India that will enable profitability for these businesses. “We have the additional benefit of unlocking a US $15 billion opportunity through Carbon Credits by promoting Clean Energy,” Mr. Saxena added.

THINK Gas senior officials were present during the launch of the application at the Veer Savarakar THINK Gas CNG station in Bhopal. This facility is now available across THINK Gas CNG stations in Bagpat and Bhopal.

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