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HIRO is driving innovation to the edge, teasing the promise of smart cities


Vicor Powering Innovation podcast addresses edge computing and today’s innovative applications

Vicor Corporation continues its Powering Innovation podcast series with HIRO, a leader in edge computing. The discussion addressed how edge computing (EC) systems bring cloud computing closer to where it’s needed for mission critical applications such as hospitals and smart cities. In the latest episode, Fred Buining CTO of HIRO sits down with David Krakauer, VP of Corporate Marketing at Vicor, to offer insights into this fast growing technology.

HIRO provides compact, scalable edge computing that is behind new smart city designs, education reform and medical advancements. A Dutch entrepreneurial technology company, HIRO develops high-performance Edge-MicroDataCenters (EMDC) that offer reliable hardware and software infrastructure and native services to support big data and AI processing on premise.

EMDCs integrate any type and quantity of CPU, GPU, FPGA and NVMe (non-volatile memory express) into containerized platforms the size of a shoebox that consume power at levels ranging from 1.5kW to 500kW. Fully solid-state and modular, these platforms are designed to require minimal maintenance and no special systems for cooling.

Buining explained the advantages of using EMDCs as well as the various projects and applications that HIRO is powering today. “Our EMDCs are very efficient, saving almost 57% of the energy consumption for a smart factory we power.” He goes on to share insights on what’s driving EC and where you can see it being used today.

The Vicor Powering Innovation podcast is available to download from all major podcast providers, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Listeners can learn about today’s toughest power challenges, new ideas in electrification, creative power architectures and real-life power design challenges.

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