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Handheld spectrum analysis for field and lab use

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Rohde and Schwarz has recently released the R&S Spectrum rider that is basically a handheld device analyser that will be featuring a low weight and long battery life under its useage. It is been claimed to offer a perfect solid RF performance that will be with a sensitivity of -160dBm and having measuring accuracy of 0.5dB that too between 10 MHz and 3GHz of frequency range that will be extended up to 4 GHz with a unique key code. This battery will be light weighing that will last upto 8 hours and will make the device capable of working for all day without charging . the T & S spectrum rider is fully tested in line with 28800F class 2 and it comes along with a protected port and interface.
This handheld analyser can be controlled remotely using USB and LAN. It has a built in wizard that automatically measures , reduce the measuring timings and also enables users to expertise in carrying out measurement tasks.  This instrument is designed to support everyday task of measuring aerospace and defense , with wireless communication and broadcasting.
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