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Green Hills Software Announces Compiler 2017



Embedded world 2017, Hall 4, Stand 325 — Green Hills Software, the largest independent software vendor for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced its latest Optimizing C and C++ Compilers for the world’s most popular 32-bit and 64-bit embedded processor architectures, including ARM®, Intel® and Power Architecture®. Enhanced support for the C++11 language, updated functional safety certification and NEON™ autovectorization lead the list of the many important compiler and toolchain enhancements. Compiler 2017 is an important component in the MULTI® integrated development environment (IDE), used by thousands of developers to be more productive, generate faster code, decrease code size and enhance maintainability when creating today’s IoT and embedded applications.

The Green Hills Optimizing Compilers 2017 build upon 34 years of industry-leading performance optimizations and are applied today to 32/64-bit architectures from ARM, Intel, Power Architecture, Renesas RH850, MIPS and Tricore™. New hardware-specific optimizations include:

  • Automatic or manual vectorization for ARM NEON instructions. NEON technology is a 128-bit SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) architecture extension for the ARM Cortex™-A series processors, bringing powerful acceleration to multimedia applications.
  • Expanded support for the latest Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE4) unlocking a higher dynamic range of computational power across many embedded workloads.
  • Updated support for over 100 new DSP instructions in the SPE2 instruction set on Power Architecture e200 processors for increased and efficient performance on automotive and industrial vector processing.

Processor manufacturers have chosen Green Hills compilers more than all other competing compilers when publishing their highest processor performance scores on EEMBC® Benchmarks — the industry standard benchmarks for embedded systems.

Safety and Reliability
Green Hills Software continues its significant investment to maintain functional safety qualification for its C/C++ Compilers, toolchain and C/C++ runtime libraries, certified to meet the highest levels of functional safety levels for ISO 26262 ASIL D (Automotive), IEC 61508 SIL 4 (Industrial) and EN 50128 SWSIL 4 (Railway) standards. In addition, the integrated single-pass MISRA-C adherence checker gives development teams a flexible means to enforce cleaner, higher-quality code.

New enhancements in Compiler 2017 yield increased code determinism and reliability such as:

  • Argument type checking giving the developer greater control against mismatches across link modules — a safety-critical concern.
  • Multiple options are now available to the developer to control the tradeoff between floating point accuracy and speed.

Convenience and Productivity
Upgraded support brings increased code performance and powerful developer productivity and convenience. Some of the important features are:

  • Standardized C++ threading enables developers to write portable multi-threaded application code.
  • Standard C++ libraries for regular expressions, random number generators, unordered containers and more.
  • Template Metaprogramming is simplified and expanded in the standard library.
  • Additional options for controlling linker sections.

Green Hills Compiler 2017 Initial Release is available today to qualified customers.

Source: Green Hills Software

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