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Graphene microsupercapacitors make simple, powerful energy storage possible

Graphene microsupercapacitors make simple powerful energy storage possible_popup

The Rice University has pioneered the development of the laser induced graphene that will be forming the flexible, solid state microsupercapacitor. This micrsupercapacitor is claimed to have charge 50 times larger than the batteries and can discharge more slowly compared to them. It matches the commercial capacitor for the amount of energy it stores and the power it delivers. This device has been manufactured by simply burning the electrodes with laser into the plastic sheets in a room temperature air measure thus by eliminating complex conditions that was responsible for limiting use and applications of microcontrollers. Thus this has been viewed as cost effective roll to roll manufacturing agenda.

According to John Tour who is the professor of Chemistry he says that it has become a pain in the neck to manufacturing microsupercapacitors due to complexity it involves as they require a lot of lithographic steps to built up , but now we have simplified it and now it can be built in minutes you just need to burn the patterns, add electrolyte to it and cover them. Their capacitance of 934µF/cm2 and energy density of 3.2mW/cm3 are said to rival commercial lithium thin-film batteries.

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