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Flex Power Modules introduces new products at electronica


Flex Power Modules will be showcasing new products at the electronica show in Munich in November 2022. One product, which will be launched at the event, will be an 8:1 ratio, 400W intermediate bus converter with outstanding efficiency and power density figures. The product is non-isolated and unregulated and produces 5 to 7.5VDC output from a 40-60VDC input. This matches the trend for 48V or 54VDC nominal input voltages and a lower voltage intermediate bus, to enable high efficiency voltage regulator modules to be used. The device has aPMBus™ interface for monitoring and control and isextremely compact in size (27 x 18 x 6.4 mm or 1.06 x 0.71 x 0.25 in).

Flex Power Modules’ BMR313 product will also be featured. Designed in conjunction with onsemi and pre-released in October 2022, this intermediate bus converter is rated at 1kW continuous and 3kW peak with a power density of 941W/cm3. The converter has a conversion ratio of 4:1 and achieves 97.3% efficiency at 54VDC input. The product is thermally optimized for cold wall cooling and is available in an industry standard LGA footprint and pinout.

These parts and the complete range of DC/DC power conversion products for telecom, datacom and industrial applications from Flex Power Modules can be seen on their booth, C3.263 at electronica.

Flex Power Modules will also be speaking at the Embedded Platforms Conference 2022,hosted at the electronica show, with a presentation entitled ‘Peak Load Power Management by DC-DC Converters’by Mikael Appelberg, CTO at Flex Power Modules.

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