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Ex NXP RF power business to trade as Ampleon


The RF power business that is underNXP has opened up its doors for the Ampleon . The business was totally acquired in May 2015 by Chinese company named Jianguang Asset Managemnt all for $1.8billion. This deal not only settled the competition issues but also took up the funds for the freescale purchasing.

According to the companys CEO they will be 100 percent focused on the production of RF power . we will b positioned to meet the growing and expanding market in the space and cost efficient RF solutions. Accordingly they will be gaining their position on the Mobile broadband, Multivariate and the Rf energy sources. Currently they generate 80 percent ampeleons revenue that is growing faster and at great speed in the market. they believe that the market will be making $1.5 bn by 2010 .


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