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Electronics to touch new eras with Digital Pens


Electronics has been touching new heights day by day, and if we talk about its latest invention than it includes Digital Pen. Digital pen is the new invention done in the field of Electronics research . this helps the user to record the information digitally. We encounter many places and situations where we are required to use our handwritten materials but even if being in digital era we use ink pens that is so contemporary. So for such a digital mass out there we are now having a Digital Pen that will electronically record our hand written data and then we would have no need of doing scanning for that particular requirement.

Its name is Zpen from Dane Electronics which is a wireless pen that will be used as a clip on receibver element that will be used as a recording material when you write. It can also upload data to the server or the computer as you desire that can be lately viewed, edited or printed. It works on the principle of character recognition and uses a software to do so by recording your hand movements. It supports fifteen language options.

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