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Electronic Pills – Collecting Data Inside The Body



Many years have gone by developing wireless devices that are induced in swalloble capsules , they are now reaching the markets. Some of the companies such as SmartPill that is based in Buffalo, New York and Israel based company Pillcam have been making it. These pill will be equipped with sensors or tiny cameras that will be collecting vital information’s as some one travels . This pill will be traveling the gastrointestinal tract before actually being disposed from the body in a or two days.

These new devices can also transmit information such as acidity, pressure and temperature levels of the patient’s body directly to Doctor in real time. It may send the images of esophagus and your intestine to doctor’s computer for further analysis. Basically doctors use  catheters, endoscopic instruments or radioisotopes for gaining these information’. Dr. Ashish A seth who is the director of  Gastrointestinal Program in New heaven Hospital stated that “ One of the biggest challenge is to determine what all is going in the abdomen and the Intestine Some areas can not be viewed by the devices used by doctors thus this is an effective and accurate way.”

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