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Electric Cloud Introduces ElectricFlow 8.0 with New DevOps Insight Analytics to Automate Data Collection from the Entire Toolchain and Centralize Release Reporting


Extensible solution pulls key metrics from common DevOps tools like Jenkins, JIRA, HP ALM and ServiceNow to provide visibility into the business value, health and status of software releases

Electric Cloud , the leader in DevOps Release Automation and Continuous Delivery, today announced ElectricFlow 8.0 with DevOps Insight Analytics. DevOps Insight is an industry first, providing teams with automated data collection and powerful reporting to connect DevOps toolchain metrics and performance back to the milestones and business value (features, user stories) being delivered in every release. ElectricFlow Community Edition with DevOps Insight can be downloaded and used for FREE.

For a demo of ElectricFlow, visit Electric Cloud’s booth (#707) at Jenkins World!

As the frequency, volume and complexity of application releases increases, teams struggle to collect and report on metrics from the myriad of DevOps tools, environments and processes involved. Understanding the status of individual features or stories in a release requires manual scraping of data from various tools, and error-prone spreadsheet analysis to accurately map data points back to their pipeline stages.

Teams require a simple, repeatable way to collect and view information from any DevOps tool along the pipeline, in the context of a single release. With all data centralized in one place, teams can gain instant insights into the status of the releases, easier troubleshooting analysis of bottlenecks or specific tasks along the pipeline, and spot trends at a glance, in real time.

According to Forrester Research, Inc.’s August, 2017 TechRadar™: Continuous Software Delivery, Q3 2016, “Many vendors are focused on the ‘workflow’ problem, but few are focused on being able to link the status of a build in the pipeline back to the status of a user story, an epic, a business capability, or a customer outcome,” the report states. “As pipelines multiply and products are composed out of many different services, rolling this data up will become even more important. Right now, business leaders lack an easy way to understand whether a particular release will actually deliver the business value they were hoping for.”

“Our releases have many moving parts, and touch many teams. Manual data collection, the lack of consistent metric reporting and other ad-hoc analysis techniques and tools made it difficult for us to report on release payload and status quickly, accurately, and consistently,” said John Esser, senior director of data center operations and SaaS at AdvancedMD. “With the new ElectricFlow release, we look forward to simplifying data collection to make it easier to slice and dice the data to optimize our delivery pipelines and gain up-to-the-minute insights about individual application releases.”

ElectricFlow DevOps Insight, built on ElasticSearch and LogStash, is delivered as a tightly integrated stand-alone Business Intelligence (BI) server, which isolates reporting requests from pipeline orchestration to eliminate the threat of performance impact. By extending ElectricFlow’s existing catalog of off-the-shelf plug-ins, DevOps Insight is able to pull key metrics from any tools being orchestrated as part of the end-to-end delivery process—from user story tracking and build automation to test automation and operations. A software development kit (SDK) allows teams to easily extend the solution to capture custom metrics from new tools.

An out-of-the-box Release Command Center dashboard displays this toolchain information in a consolidated, easy-to-interpret view, enabling teams to instantly glean the quality, health and status of a release and its business value. In addition, a powerful drag-and-drop GUI allows users to easily create custom reports and dynamic dashboards to visualize information in a way that works for any audience.

“Many organizations we talk to report having 60 or more tools in their software delivery pipelines, which makes reporting cumbersome and ‘fast feedback’ difficult for them to achieve,” said Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud. “ElectricFlow 8.0 with DevOps Insight is the only product of its kind to give executives and technical users alike a timely, repeatable way to understand the status of their releases and the business value being delivered.”

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Electric Cloud 8.0 with DevOps Insight is available now. DevOps Insight will be available for free for new ElectricFlow subscriptions during 2017. ElectricFlow Community Edition, including DevOps Insight, can be downloaded and used for FREE

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