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Critical Manufacturing to demonstrate best in class MES solution at Hannover Messe 2024

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Critical Manufacturing, a leader in advanced, multi-site manufacturing execution systems (MES) is set to present its industry 4.0 ready Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions at Hannover Messe 2024, the world’s leading industrial trade fair. Critical Manufacturing offers a comprehensive set of MES modules that empower manufacturers to drive productivity, innovation and connectivity.

Critical Manufacturing will showcase their capabilities in a live display featuring a robotic assembly station. Visitors will witness firsthand the user-friendly features of the MES system, complemented by an immersive virtual-reality experience. Through this interactive demonstration, visitors can witness how the MES solution, with its intuitive dashboards and simple processes, optimizes production workflows, from overseeing tasks to quality control. This end-to-end view is particularly important in today’s highly dynamic manufacturing landscape.

The industrial field has become incredibly fast-paced with intense competition and intricate challenges. The wide disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for supply chain flexibility and resilience. The MES solutions provided by Critical Manufacturing are designed to adapt to these shifting needs with ease and without disrupting the ongoing processes. It is an extensive solution that can be comfortably customized to assist manufacturers with advanced features to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and ensure consistent quality throughout the production cycle. It integrates with both modern and legacy systems to support smooth operations across all aspects of the manufacturing processes and guide manufacturers through their digital transformation journey with ease.

Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO of Critical Manufacturing, said, “We are excited to demonstrate our advanced MES platforms at the show. Our solution not only increases productivity but also integrates shop floor data and functions into one reliable source of information. This helps businesses make smart decisions based on accurate manufacturing data. These features can be quite valuable for manufacturers to stay one step ahead in a competitive industrial setting. We are also very honoured to have some of our customers provide real-world insights into their successful collaboration with Critical Manufacturing and implementation of our MES solution”.

Critical Manufacturing will showcase its V10 version of the MES. The interface is designed with the user in mind which is simple to use and intuitive. Its scalable and customizable modular architecture with low code platforms allows for effortless deployment with any hardware or software configuration, be it on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution. With integrated DevOps techniques, it continuously improves functionality and ensures effective responses to changing needs. Moreover, it provides real-time enterprise-wide visualization and monitoring through fabLIVE Digital Twin, an instant virtual view of the factory floor, accompanied by interactive performance monitoring features that offer valuable practical insights. As products become more complex with multiple assemblies and sub-assemblies, traceability becomes essential for customer satisfaction. Critical Manufacturing MES enables real-time visibility across manufacturing operations, an advanced IoT data platform, bill-of-material (BOM) variation management, and end-to-end material traceability, so the users know what’s always happening on the shop floor with the data on the actual work when and where it’s needed. This helps manufacturers to make informed decisions, drive efficiency, and minimize waste, ultimately enhance overall profitability.

Critical Manufacturing will be located in Hall 15, D 13 at Hannover Messe, where visitors can engage with experts on hand to learn more about its capabilities.

Additionally, Critical Manufacturing will again be the silver sponsor of the 16th International MES Conference underscoring its commitment to driving resilient manufacturing solutions.

To register for Hannover Messe 2024 and discover more about Critical Manufacturing’s MES solution, please visit https://www.criticalmanufacturing.com/campaign/hannover-messe-2024/.

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