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congatec welcomes ratification of COM-HPC 1.2 specification, introducing COM-HPC Mini:

COM-HPC 120 all sizes

Maximum performance for mini footprints

congatec – a leading vendor of embedded and edge computing technology – welcomes PICMG’s ratification of the COM-HPC 1.2 specification, which introduces the COM-HPC Mini form factor. This new specification provides high-performance capabilities in a small form factor, measuring only 95 mm x 70 mm. Even devices with limited space can now benefit from the superior bandwidth and interface offerings of COM-HPC, including PCIe Gen 5 and Thunderbolt.

COM-HPC establishes itself as the most scalable Computer-on-Module (CoM) standard, covering a wide range of applications from small form factor designs to edge server designs. This simplifies the design-in process and enables the creation of complete product families with reduced engineering efforts. COM-HPC modules support not only specific processors like x86 or Arm but also FPGAs, ASICS, and AI accelerators, making it a comprehensive standard for developing innovative applications based on the latest embedded and edge data processing technologies.

Christian Eder, Chairman of PICMG’s COM-HPC Working Group and Director of Market Intelligence at congatec, expresses his enthusiasm for the COM-HPC standard: “COM-HPC offers the highest performance, bandwidth, interfaces, and scalability compared to other computer-on-module standards and with COM-HPC Mini, engineers can now leverage all this on a real small form factor for space constrained embedded and edge computing designs.”

congatec is committed to supporting the adoption and implementation of the COM-HPC Mini specification, enabling customers to bring their solutions to market quickly. As a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, congatec also continues to develop and deliver products that align with the latest industry standards.

For more information about congatec and its COM-HPC ecosystem, please visit: https://www.congatec.com/en/ecosystems/com-hpc-ecosystem

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