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CML Micro Expands Market Presence Following Acquisition of MwT, a leading MMIC and mmWave Supplier

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CML Micro has acquired MwT, a leading MMIC and mmWave supplier based in California, US.

The acquisition will bring together the capabilities of CML Micro and MwT, positioning the expanded company at the forefront of emerging markets and providing a broader and deeper RF & mmWave device portfolio for wireless communications.

The strategic move expands CML Micro’s product portfolio, bolstering the SµRF product brand with a broader range of GaAs and GaN MMICs as well as introducing Discrete Devices and Hybrid Amplifier Products. This influx of new products and capabilities also strengthens CML Micro’s ability to meet evolving needs in communication applications with higher frequency devices and increased module capabilities.

The acquisition will also strengthen CML Micro’s engineering operation across the organisation, bringing upgraded research and development capabilities and system-level understanding with valuable benefits in product manufacturing and packaging techniques.

“Bringing MwT into CML Micro will have a profound impact on how we can meet the evolving needs of our customers in key focus markets such as 5G Infrastructure, Satellite Communications, IIot and Defence and Aerospace”, says Mark McCabe, Managing Director. “Through our combined wealth of experience and expertise, our ability to develop world-beating products which meet the needs of tomorrow will be greatly enhanced whilst delivering value to our customers today.”

Customers can expect to benefit from the acquisition, as the combined resources and talents will deliver greater synergy and reliability. The expanded product range will help provide customer advantage in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

CML Micro’s expanded SµRF portfolio of GaAs and GaN MMICs, Discrete Devices and Hybrid Amplifiers is now available. For further information please visit

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