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Ceramic particles supply digital X-ray plates ‘from an aerosol can’




Digital X ray systems have been very important in our lives related to health care . This is analogue X ray film that has been replaced by the flat panel detectors now. These detectors are how so ever sensitive to the expensive resolutions . The scientists will be collaborating with the project HOP X that will be developing a new material . This embedded ceramic particles will be conductive plastics. This will be basically a composite detector that can stir the solvent and then applied like paint by spraying.

X rays basically consist of a scintillator layer and a photodiode . This layer converts the x rays in to the visible light areas and thus absorbs the photodiode . In order to make such detectors it becomes very expensive . To convert this manufacturing expense into low budget scientists from Siemens Healthcare GmbH, the INM -Leibniz Institute for New Materials, the CAN GmbH, the Universities of Erlangen and further partners took a new approach in the project HOP-X: they used materials developed for flexible solar cells and adapted them to the X-rays.

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