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Bitstream generator wins Electronic Product of the Year Award at BEEAs 2015


Argon Design chief executive Alan Scott has received  Award from The Mark who is the vice president of Digi Key elctronics. Digikey was also the sponsor of the program.  Argon stream from The argon Design has been named as the Electronics of the year at the current Excellence electronics Award (BEEA’s)

As we increases the display resolution we need to keep the data compressed so as to transfer it in lower bits and store in smaller areas.  To meet these requirements the MPEG videos have been standardized and has defined CODEC HEVC, where Google and You tube have been looking forward top 4K video streaming over the internet as VP9 high compression codec. Because of these two codecs the resolutions provided are more higher than previous ones , the process of encoding is far complex and bit streams are also complex in functionality. These have to be decoded prior to make and hassle free video downloading. Argon Stream is basically a set of encoded videos that has to be decoded by the developers to verify their products.  It has recently signed up 22 license for Argon Streams.

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