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Avnet Appointed Master Distributor of Kerlink, Advancing IoT Strategy Across Asia Pacific


Global technology distributor and solutions provider Avnet recently signed a contract with Kerlink, a fast-growing provider of IoT solutions based in France, formalizing its role as Master Distributor of Kerlink’s LoRaWAN gateway products and associated software services in Asia Pacific.

LoRaWAN technology is a specialized type of LPWAN technology – or Low Power Wide-area Network. It is a viable alternative to traditional wireless connectivity technologies like Wifi, Bluetooth and Cellular, in challenging environments and remote rural locations where the end-points are battery-powered and require a long battery life.

The partnership enables Avnet to facilitate the integration of LoRaWAN capabilities into its enterprise-grade IoT solution accelerator software platform – IoTConnect. Subsequently, the enhanced IoTConnect will be available globally for deployment in both public and private LoRaWAN networks.

Concurrently, Kerlink will broaden its market reach in Asia through access to Avnet’s established customer base. In turn, Avnet’s system integrator customers will be empowered to incorporate gateways into fully-fledged LPWAN solutions, or in the case of enterprises, build and manage their own LoRaWAN networks, with significant time- and cost-savings.

“Avnet’s IoTConnect platform is unique in the market, providing a proven, reliable, secure and seamless interface between the IoT end points and preferred cloud-service providers like AWS and Azure,” said Yann Bauduin, Kerlink sales director. “This partnership will support the work of Kerlink’s subsidiaries in Singapore, India and Japan as they expand their deployment of LoRaWAN® technology among Avnet’s established APAC customer base.”

Andy Wong, SVP, Avnet Design Services, APAC, said, “The freshly inked partnership between Avnet and Kerlink is tremendously exciting. With Kerlink’s LoRaWAN gateways, our customers will now have access to a reliable, secure and cost-effective way to connect far-flung IoT end points with extremely low power consumption, thus overcoming the tyranny of distance that has stood in the way of traditional IoT technologies. The potential applications in telecommunications, smart buildings, smart farming and geolocation, to name a few of the areas that stand to benefit, are countless.”

The newly formed partnership between Avnet and Kerlink advances Avnet’s IoT strategy in the region, and will help meet the fast-growing demand for LoRaWAN technology worldwide.

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