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Anritsu Granted Patent for eoMind Automated Anomaly Detection Algorithm

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Anritsu A/S is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a patent on its eoMind technology by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The eoMind Patent acknowledges the unique approach and innovation in the core technology within eoMind to automatically identify issues in real time within a telecom network. This continues Anritsu’s technology leadership of fifteen years in the Service Assurance market. Using this approach Network Operators can automatically detect issues in real time on the network, identify the affected customers and the underlying root causes.

“eoMind takes you closer than ever to the subscriber’s experience. When subscribers have a problem, they feel pain and the network tells you about that pain” said Ralf Iding, CEO of Anritsu Service Assurance. “The signature of customer pain is in the patterns of network anomalies. You need to be able to listen for and detect those anomalies. 5G brings additional complexity and Operators have to adapt. Operators need to work smarter and to leverage machine learning to automate their Operations so they can proactively address subscriber pain.  Zero-touch Operations addresses the subscriber pain early, in real time, before it can affect more subscribers and delivers many benefits and cost savings. With eoMind, we see improved Customer Experience and retention, a reduction in calls to customer care and more efficient use of Operational resources.”

“Five years ago, we realised that the volume of data on telecom networks and the complexity of that data meant real-time subscriber issues were not being addressed” said Davide Motta, Head of Product Management at Anritsu Service Assurance and co-author of the Patent. “A new approach was needed that takes advantage of streaming analytics and machine learning to deliver insights to Operators in the moment that their subscribers have an issue. eoMind is listening to subscribers and looks for patterns and anomalies in the real-time data to detect issues earlier. eoMind identifies affected subscribers faster, including VIPs and isolates the root cause. eoMind fixes issues before they cascade across the network affecting many more subscribers.”

eoMind is an innovation that is ahead of its time. With the first deployment in 2016, Anritsu has built upon their learnings with customers to have the leading streaming analytics solution in the market that uses machine learning and automation to address customer experience and service issues in real time. eoMind is cloud-ready, lightweight and easy to use. It detects anomalies out-of-the-box, delivering immediate value across all technologies including 3G, 4G, IMS, VoLTE & 5G. Issues are detected faster via subscriber and service anomalies. eoMind is vendor independent and works on data from any source be it Anritsu or 3rd-parties.

With eoMind, Operators are achieving time savings of up to 50% in MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve), huge cost savings and improved Operational efficiency. Proactively fixing issues means reductions in the number of overall affected subscribers, with up to 30% fewer subscribers affected, leading to fewer calls to Customer Care, fewer escalations and improved customer experience and retention.

The patent “Systems and methods for measuring effective customer impact of network problems in real-time using streaming analytics” with number US PATENT 10,686,681 was granted to Anritsu with co-inventor Davide Motta.

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