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ams OSRAM unveils Global Partner Network to stimulate innovation and accelerate customers’ design projects

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  •  Global Partner Network broadens customers’ access to low- or high-level design support
  •  Network offers customers turnkey solutions based on ams OSRAM technology
  •  Partners benefit from direct expert-to-expert interaction, training materials and tools
  •  ams OSRAM launches new website section, providing an online hub to connect customers with qualified partners

ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, has launched a new Global Partner Network of design consultancies, module suppliers and supporting component manufacturers to accelerate customers’ time to market and facilitate new business opportunities, while taking advantage of the latest optical and sensor technologies.

Partners are selected based on their technical expertise, solution offering and track record of working with customers to co-create new products. The Global Partner Network encompasses the hardware, software, tools, services and know-how required to quickly capitalize on today’s megatrends without huge investment.

‘ams OSRAM products are at the leading edge of many optical and sensor technologies. The Global Partner Network Program will deliver more customer value. It will enhance our relationship with our partner ecosystem and provide our joint customers with a comprehensive and global pool of expertise and solutions. ams OSRAM is ensuring that any customer can take advantage of our technologies, no matter how much design experience or resources it has internally,’ said Pierre Laboisse, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at ams OSRAM.

The new ams OSRAM Partner Network is designed to give customers multiple options to procure the support that best fits their business model with the integration of advanced optical and sensor systems into end product designs.

It includes different type of partners so that interested ams OSRAM customers are put in position to procure the appropriate solution or service:

  • Module and solutions providers – manufacturers of modules which perform a complete function such as 3D vision for depth mapping as used in robotics or biometric face authentication, or which implement complete application solutions, such as fully integrated LED luminaires for outdoor or horticultural lighting
  •  Independent design houses – design consultancies which provide deep expertise in the use of ams OSRAM components, offered to customers via dedicated design concepts, design implementations, production, testing or supply chain services
  •  Manufacturers of complementary offerings – companies supplying complementary solutions which – in combination with the ams OSRAM portfolio of products – facilitate the integration of technology at the system level; examples include an image processor operating alongside an ams OSRAM optical imaging front end, or LED driver stages in combination with complementary LED modules
  •  Manufacturers of recommended components – certain ams OSRAM products require secondary components to realize their intended function. Recommended components are pre-approved or pre-tested for operation with ams OSRAM products; examples include dipole magnets to work with ams OSRAM magnetic position sensors, and secondary optics paired with ams OSRAM LEDs

The ams OSRAM Global Partner Network already includes more than 40 partners offering advanced lighting and sensing solutions for automotive, industrial, consumer and medical applications. ams OSRAM welcomes new members to the network to expand the range of expertise and capabilities available to its customers.

Members of the network will benefit from a formal framework for the co-operation with ams OSRAM. This includes:

  • Direct expert-to-expert interaction with ams OSRAM specialists, training materials and tools
  • Access to samples for early design and testing
  •  Mutual promotion of each other’s products in sales collateral, online and on social media
  •  Joint discovery of new business opportunities

The ams OSRAM Global Partner Network is available to customers now. More information about the network, eligibility requirements, and a listing of partners by geography and technology, can be found here.

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