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Achronix is ready to launch high-bandwidth accelerator board for data centers


Achronix has launched PCIe form factor accelerator board.It has the highest single FPGA memory bandwidth PCIe add-in card designed for high speed data centre acceleration applications.

It is called Accelerator-6D, the board centers on a Speedster 22i HD1000 FPGA with 700,000 look-up tables that interfaces with six free memory controllers, taking into account up to 192Gbyte of memory and a memory data transmission(bandwidth) of 690Gbit/s.

The board has six free DRAM ports associated with the FPGA. Every port can be designed with up to 32Gbyte of DDR3 memory. Four QSFP+ modules support 4x 40G Ethernet, permitting data centre architects to create smart network interface cards for system capacity virtualisation, network acceleration or network security.

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