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A new approach to Solar energy


Almost more than a half of the population uses hot water in US. Technology is been designed to provide them with pre heat domestic hot water for their radiators, baths and showers. As its is obviously heat thus heat pipes are used so as to prevent them from melting from heat of the sun. Dr Hussam Jouhara of Brunel’s Institute of Energy Futures, has lest a team of British researchers who have explained that the new technology can be used up for long term plans for renewable energy system. He added that until now they were having no technique to apply to overcome all technical issues related making the roof solar powered generator. Now these new heat pipes will be tackling all the issues with Solar cell panels used to generate electricity.

PV panels will have a challenge as if more is the sunlight than more electricity is produced but they will regulate the amount of energy used to make electricity. And if the cells heat more than their energy developing mechanism disintegrate than to avoid this heat pipes will be constructed in flat panels 4m x 400mm, to take away domestic hot water. This will account to a positive approach as excess of heat will be converted into hot water for domestic use through a pipe on the other side. And this will be very easy for the user as per the instructions given in the booklet.

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