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A 16 Year old student invented a Hollow Flashlight


A 16 year old student has claimed the prize of $25,000  scholarship at Google’s International Science Fair. Ann Makosinski has competed against many thousands of students at the young inventors fair held. She has basically invented a battery free flashlight . That is driven by one’s body heat. While she was going to the Philippines she found that many students can not study due to economic issues and they don’t have lights at their house as they can not afford electricity bills. Thus she thought over this different and unique idea. Ann knew how a human body heat could be enough to generate a energy unit of nearly a 100 watt light bulb.

This idea inspired her to make a hollow flashlight that works with body heat. As heated conductive body spread electrons outwards and on the other hand a cold conductive body condenses inwards. So similar phenomenon could be applied on a ceramic tile that is cool, thus electrons will move towards the cool tile from hot tile thus producing current. This effect is known as thermoelectric effect. Her idea was designed in the shape of a flashlight that will be gripped in the hand and will use hand’s heat energy.

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