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48 devices added to PIC32 MCU family

48 new members have been added to microchip family of PIC32MZ under 32 bit MCUs. they also provides a 12 bit, 18 M samples A/D converter alongside an integrated hardware floating point unit. It will also support DSP instruction set.

They have imagined it to run at 200MHz, the EF series will have a 2 Mbyte of dual panel flash, RAM of 512Kbyte and a set of connectivity periferals that would include 10/100 Ethernet MAC and dual CAN ports. Depending on the features provided, the MCUs can be supplied in a 64pin QFN, a 64pin TQFP, a 100pin TQFP, a 124pin VTLA, a 144pin TQFP and a 200pin LQFP. Amongst  the 48 members of PIC32MZ EF series available, 16 are crypto engine, 12 MCU’s with 512 kbyte of flash and 24 of them have 1Mbyte flash and the remaining 12 will have 2Mbye of flash.

Alongwith this Four PIC32MZ EF development tools are also provided that are the PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity with FPU EF Starter Kit; the PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity with Floating Point Unit and Crypto Starter Kit; the PIC32MZ2048EF PIM Explorer 16 Plug In Module; and the PIC32MZ EF Audio 144pin PIM for Bluetooth® Audio Development Kit.


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