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Warehouse accessories that will facilitate work and increase safety.

Efficient work in a warehouse requires taking care of three fundamental matters. The first one is sorting out all stored good and items in a clear and neat manner – including the ones that constitute the equipment of the warehouse itself. The second one concerns the transportation of goods that are delivered, collected and moved from one place to another. The third one is about safety in a broad sense, which includes packing and labelling systems. If any of these matters are neglected, sooner or later the warehouse work faces destabilisation. How to properly equip the warehouse so that it can be avoided?

Warehouse accessories and additional equipment used in storage systems

Storage systems can’t be discussed without mentioning the basic element of technical equipment, namely storage racking. The leading type (which also applies in the case of high-bay warehouses) is the pallet racking, which that can be further broken down to subtypes that include e.g. row pallet racking, drive-in pallet racking, mobile pallet racking and gravity flow pallet racking. Some of them use electric drives, and the most advanced ones monitor the digital circuits responsible for the automation control. There are also shelf rackings designated to store non-palletised goods and all kinds of hangers or holders. With them in mind, many accessory systems have been developed to facilitate sorting the stored items clearly as well as to support the convenient and safe storage of medium or small-sized elements. These include i.e. plastic containers  coming in different sizes and colours, often called storage trays, drawers (single and in sets), boxes (single and in multi-part modules), various binders, divider strips and many other accessories for storing and sorting goods, too numerous to be listed here. One important aspect of sorting goods during the storage process is labelling the containers they are stored in. What can prove useful here are all kinds of tags, labels as well as label printers (stationary and portable).

Additional equipment and accessories for packing and in-warehouse transport.

As far as the in-warehouse transport is concerned, hand trucks (beside forklift trucks and pallet trolleys) come to mind first. These are single- or multilevel devices with handles of many kinds, folding or not, with four or two wheels, used for transporting the goods in either a vertical (e.g. household appliances) or a horizontal position. Every truck has a specified permissible capacity, and the majority of them are equipped with swivel transport wheels, rubber or air-filled, so that they don’t damage the surface they’re used on, even with a heavy load.

In terms of activities related to packing, products like stretch film, zip lock bags, all kinds of adhesive tapes and their dispensers are fundamental elements of warehouse equipment. In terms of electronic components, it is a good idea to consider ESD materials that ensure protection against electrostatic discharge.

Warehouse safety – useful technical equipment for a warehouse

Physical, visual and sound protections are used in order to increase the warehouse safety. The first type includes all kinds of guide rails, covers, railings, bumpers and barriers, while the second and the groups mainly comprise safety signs, marking tapes, warning tapes and alarms e.g. activated by motion detectors. All of these solutions (and many other ones that are too numerous to name here) come in different sizes and dimensions, various colours and are made of all kinds of materials. It’s important to point out that these safety measures not only aim to protect the employees and stored goods but also the structural elements of the warehouse itself, i.e. roof supporting columns or shelving brackets.

Choose all your warehouse equipment with TME

The catalogue of products provided by TME consists of a section called “Storage”, in which customers can choose from products grouped in various categories. All the categories comply with the previously mentioned distinction between storage systems accessories, packing and in-warehouse transport accessories and safety accessories. The description presented below briefly summarise the most important product groups.


Storage bins and boxes

This category includes not only standard boxes, bins and containers, also known as storage trays, but also i.e. portable boxes, compartment boxes, round boxes and transportation cases. There are also safety stops for containers, bars for attaching containers to the walls or dividers designed for specific container types. All these elements come in various colours, and the vast majority of them is made of lightweight but durable plastic.

Drawers and sets of drawers

This category mainly consists of sets of drawers which are compact boxes in monolithic cases or extendable sets composed of small modular containers. There are also drawer inserts with compartments that come in different layouts, e.g. 3×3 (9 big compartments) or 9×9 (81 small compartments). It is a perfect solution for storing small elements e.g. electronic components, etc.

Printers and markers in the TME catalogue

This very numerous category includes printers and label embossers, an extensive list of additional equipment and related accessories as well as all kinds of markers: stickers, labels, signs and heat shrink markers for convenient and durable marking of storage spaces, packaging or products.

Warehouse devices at TME

This category mainly consists of storage scales, among which you will find hook scales, standard storage scales that may prove useful e.g. when working with heavy and large-sized goods, as well as small electronic scales, many of which are precision and counting scales. This diversity is due to the huge variety of products stored in warehouses. This means that some warehouses need scales with a maximum load of several hundred kilograms, while in other storage spaces precision scales will be more useful, which are designed for very small elements e.g. in the electronic industry. The second group of devices consists of several models of bar code and RFID scanners, while the third group includes various types of hand trucks along with accessories e.g. a set of spare wheels. This category also includes input and output relays and connectors.


This category includes adhesive tapes and tape dispensers, isolating stretch and bubble foils, tarpaulins, packing tapes, tensioning rubber bands and accessories for small elements, that is e.g. zip lock bags and rubber bands. Such products help to secure the goods stored, facilitate the packing and increase work efficiency. They are made of various materials and are available in many variants (e.g. adhesive tapes in many colours to choose from and the transparent ones).

Safety signs

As we have already mentioned, work safety is one of the fundamental matters when it comes to the efficient functioning of a warehouse. Proper marking of spaces is the cornerstone of safety rules and is required by law. In the TME offer, there are markings such as fire protection and evacuation signs as well as the safety signs in the form of stickers, self-adhesive films and plastic plates.

Warning and marking tapes.

In this category, you will find tapes that can be used for marking purposes or danger warning. In practice, they are used for marking floors, e.g. separating zones with various levels of safety or designating traffic routes. They come in standard or self-adhesive and anti-slip versions, for indoor and outdoor use. They are available in a wide range of colours and widths and in reels of up to 250 running meters. This means you will definitely find the solution that meets your specific requirements.

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

The original source of text:tme.eu

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