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The TechMasterEvent platform has only been active for a year. During this time, it announced 8 thematic competitions addressed to young artists from around the world; all those who are fascinated by technology, electrical engineering and electronics. 5 competitions have already ended. The prizes, worth a total of $31,700 , feature 18 winners from Europe and Africa.

3 contests are still ongoing! Go to the and learn the details!


TechMasterEvent was created for young specialists, visionaries and experimenters. Those who have the courage to show their ideas to the world are not afraid of confrontation with other creators. About anyone who wants to build their own brand in the international community, and at the same time complete a professional portfolio.

To become part of TechMasterEvent, all you need to do is have access to the Internet from anywhere in the world and spend 3 minutes to register. Registration is necessary in order to maintain full security rules for users, including the protection of their copyrights.

Next, everything depends on the individual approach of the participant. He can submit his projects to ongoing competitions, he can also publish his most interesting works simply on his profile. The only thing that limits him at the moment is only his imagination!


The TechMasterTeam team strives to ensure that the prepared competitions are diverse and challenge the creators. It is also important for them that the whole is consistent with the assumptions close to them: the issue of environmental protection, the idea of zero waste, usefulness, improvement of the quality of life and strengthening social relations. The organizers of the competitions have no doubt that High Demands can be set for TechMasterEvent users. This is confirmed by the experience of even the last two competitions. For example, the competition “The smallest possible, useful and fully operational electronic circuit” submitted a project of a weather station based on data collected in the cloud and a prototype of a device that detects kidney disease early using human breath. In the “Electronics & 3D” competition , each submitted solution had a practical aspect, from the use of 3D printing in science to the printing of a working robot arm.


At the moment, 3 competitions are open on TechMasterEvent.

“Let’s live more pleasantly”, encourages you to take a closer look at your surroundings and create a space that is friendly to yourself and others. It is enough to find a point that needs improvement or intervention, then come up with and implement a project that will raise the life of the whole community. It is good that authors, when thinking about others, also remember about themselves.

“Tame the elements”, he proposes to face one or more elements. A technical design is expected that will serve the individual or entire communities. It depends on the authors and their imagination whether they want to use or tame the elements and how great the momentum of the whole will be.

“MechoManiac” is for all those who know how to combine electronics, computer science and mechanics into one. The topic of the mechatronic idea is absolutely arbitrary: it can be medical apparatus or a modern toy.


In each of the ongoing contests, the prize pool is $3,500 . While a participant can submit only one project in a given competition, the number of competitions in which he participates is unlimited.

Choosing the best project is never an easy task and is a great responsibility. However, it is great to be aware that you support the best.

Join on! Get noticed! Win!
TechMasterEvent is waiting for you!

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

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