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DIN rail mount solutions.

Many devices used in industrial systems, building automation systems (and even households) require direct current power supply. Connecting a series of power supplies to AC circuits is not an optimal solution. That is why many manufacturers offer AC/DC converters, designed for mounting in fuse boxes and switch cabinets, allowing the main DC circuit to be set and a series of receivers to be connected to it. One of the best solutions in this category is offered by well-known Japanese brand TDK-Lambda.

The products presented below can be divided into two groups. The first one consists of AC/DC fixed installation power supplies with relatively high power rating and a wide range of input voltages (mains AC), which produce standard DC voltages (12 V, 24 V etc.). They are designed for DIN rail mounting and easy connection to typical systems. The second group consists of miniature DC/DC converters thanks to which the power supplied from the main DC circuit can be adjusted to the requirements of electronic components applied in controllers, control panels, communication devices, etc. Most of the items presented here are available directly from TME warehouses. We recommend this offer to maintenance departments, installers, electrical engineers, and manufacturers of electronic devices.

1.5 W and 3 W CCG converters

Miniature DC/DC converters of the CCG1R5 and CCG3 series measure 15.7 mm by 10.4 mm (with 11.5 mm height above the PCB surface). They feature leads for THT mounting and are enclosed in cases protecting them from mechanical damage and particle penetration that could lead to short-circuit (the component circuit is placed on a double-sided, densely filled laminate plate). Depending on the series, the converters deliver output power of 1.5 W or 3 W (information contained in the reference number: xxx1R5 or xxx3). They can have one or two outputs. The former models allow adjustment of the VOUT value (-5…+10%) using a dedicated pin. The latter ones are designed to generate symmetrical voltage (-12 V or -15 V DC) of up to 250 mA (depending on the model).


CCG converters perfectly meet the needs of compact devices.

Moreover, the converters offer a wide range of power supply parameters: from 4.5…18 V to 18…76 V DC. With such electric characteristics, the CCG series is ready to work in many types of circuits: sensor controllers, microcontroller systems, preamplifier or oscillator circuits and in similar applications in the fields of radiocommunication or measuring equipment.

DRL series power supplies


The openings at the top and the bottom of the body provide efficient cooling.

DRL power supplies are low-profile AC/DC devices intended for DIN rail mounting. Their main fields of application include industrial installations and building automation, they can also be used in Smart Home installations and other systems requiring 12 V or 24 V DC power supply. They are equipped with typical elements: connection points in the form of terminal blocks, LED output voltage indicator placed on the front panel, and (in the case of selected models) an opening for setting the desired output parameters (12–15 V or 24–28 V DC). The power supply outputs are NEC () Class 2 compliant.

TME offers 10 W, 30 W, 60 W and 100 W products, which satisfy the needs of numerous applications. The products have been adapted to mains supply and, regardless of the standard applicable in a given country, they can be supplied with a voltage ranging from 85 V to 264 V AC (they do not require connection to a protective earthing). A significant feature of these items is their tolerance to a wide range of ambient temperatures (from -40°C to 85°C) and air humidity (up to 95%).

DRB series of power supplies

When searching for AC/DC power supplies with the widest scope of capabilities, it is worth considering the impressive parameters of theDRB series. The series is designed for a single-phase or three-phase current (depending on the model) in the range of 85–264 V AC to 350–575 V AC with a frequency of (53…63 Hz). The DRB series products produce output voltages of 5 V, 12 V, 24 V or 48 V DC.


The DRB power supplies can operate with high-capacitance loads, they are adapted to increased inrush currents (120% for up to 2 sec.). Moreover, they feature a parallel work mode (activated with a switch placed on the front panel), in which they can supply power with multiplied output rating (when several units are connected). The products are characterised by low losses in the stand-by mode and thus are suitable for installations based on renewable energy sources.

Additionally, it should be noted that the power supplies are equipped with a range of protections, including but not limited to a smart output voltage limiter (minimising the risk of damaging sensitive electrical loads) or short-circuit protection. The DRB products have countless certificates and comply with many norms applicable in North America, Europe and the UK (IEN61010, E356563, UL62368, UK CA, EAC). With all these features, the TDK-Lambda offer meets the requirements of power supplies operating in industrial automation systems, semiconductor manufacturing, communication and green energy, etc.

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