Slide switches and rotary code switches from PTR Hartmann


New precision electromechanical components.

The TME product range has been extended by PTR Hartmann slide switches and rotary code switches. Our range also includes accessories of the same brand (knobs). The German company is also active in the production of, among others, terminal blocks, cable glands, and TACT microswitches.

Rotary switches and knobs


Slide switches

Rotary switches

The new rotary code switches in the TME catalogue are available in variants with 10 or 16 positions. These are BCD (binary coded decimal) switches, allowing converting decimal numbers into their binary equivalents. These elements are used in circuits that require initial setting by the installer (industrial controllers), prototype circuits and similar applications. Rotary code switches are available in through-hole (THT) and surface mounting (SMD), options and with straight or angular contact pins. In addition, we also offer compatible knobs that allow you to make settings without using alignment tools, for example by bringing the knob to the front of the control panel.

The set value is represented by the connection pin C (common) with the appropriate pins representing the decimals: 8, 4, 2, or 1. For example, the binary value of 5 is 0101, so pins 4 and 1 will be shorted to output C (5 in total), other connections will remain open. The advantage of 16-position controllers is the possibility of combining them into sets allowing to code larger numbers. The outputs of two rotary code switches can represent one of 256 (28) combinations, i.e., the full ASCII table.

Positions: 10 or 16
Mounting: SMD or THT
Pitch (THT): 2.54 mm
Contact pins: straight or angular
Contact load: 1 µA/20 mV DC
Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ

Slide switches

The second group of new products are 2-position slide switches. These are components that are often used in small electronic circuits, e.g. pocket-sized devices (phones, small multimeters) or wearables (e.g., watches). The small size of the switches allows them to be placed e.g., on the edge of the case or on the side of the device. The wide range of permissible operating temperatures of these components, from -40°C to 85°C or 105°C is especially noteworthy.

Mounting: THT or SMD
Pitch: 2.56 mm
Contact pins: straight or angular
Contact load: 1 µA/10 mV DC or 500 mA/24 V DC
Mechanical lifetime: 5000 cycles

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

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