Schneider Electric magnetic safety switches


Preventa XCS series of industrial components.

The protection of machine operators is the paramount aspect of the work organisation in automated workplaces. What’s more, the right safeguards not only guarantee the safety of employees and bystanders, but also ensure no downtime, no permanent damage and minimal maintenance expenditure. Among the multitude of components that serve these exact purposes are safety switches – components designed to halt processes in the event of a potentially accident-prone behaviour. Such events include the obstruction of a transmission line, the opening of a safety door before a machine stops, etc.


With M8 & M12 connector


With 2–10 m cables

Given how important the function of safety switches is, they should always be obtained from reliable manufacturers whose products are excellent in terms of quality, durability and performance. The renowned Schneider Electric brand is certainly one of such suppliers. New safety switches from this manufacturer have just been added to the TME range of products.

The Preventa XCS series is a group of magnetic switches whose operation depends on the presence of a magnet in the vicinity of the sensor – due to that, these products consist of two components: an active switch, which is connected to the system, and an activator. It should be noted here that the magnetic field generated by the activator is not homogeneous (a so-called coded magnet), which means that electromagnetic interference or even deliberate application of a strong magnet will not deactivate the switch. Products of this type are designed for door position monitoring (swinging and sliding doors) and position detection in low-inertia machines. When an unwanted movement occurs and the distance between the switch and the activator exceeds 5 mm or 8 mm (depending on the model), a change in the position of two pairs of contacts: one NC, the other NO will occur. The switches are designed for use in indirect control circuits, their contact rating is typically 24 V DC and 100 mA.

The Preventa XCS magnetic safety switches are suitable for use in harsh environments, even in plants where machines are subjected to continuous spraying of liquids. The products are IP65 or IP66 rated. This also makes them easy to clean and guarantees a high standard of hygiene. Moreover, the components can operate over a wide temperature range: from -25°C to 70°C or from -25°C to 85°C (depending on the model).

The switches achieve the following safety levels – provided they are connected to the correct monitoring systems via properly certified connections:

  • Category 4 according to EN/ISO 13849-1;
  • PL “e” according to EN/ISO 13849-1;
  • SIL 3 according to EN/IEC 61508.

Our catalogue includes models with a compact housing and various electrical connections – in the form of M8, M12 round industrial connectors, as well as up to 10 m long connection cables.

Type of safety switch: magnetic
Manufacturer series: XCS
Range*: 5 mm, 8 mm, 15 mm
IP rating: IP65 and IP66
Electrical connection: M8, M12, cables
Operating temperature: -25–70°C or -25–85°C
Body material: plastic

* depending on the model

Product overview

Symbol Range
Contact configuration Connection External dimensions
XCSDMC590L01M8 5 NC + NO M8 51x7x16
XCSDMC591L01M8 5 NC + NO M8 51x7x16
XCSDMC7912 5 NO + NO 2 m cable 51x7x16
XCSDMC791L01M8 5 NC + NC M8 51x7x16
XCSDMP50010 8 NC + NO x2 10 m cable 88x25x13
XCSDMP5002 8 NC + NO x2 2 m cable 88x25x13
XCSDMP5005 8 NC + NO x2 5 m cable 88x25x13
XCSDMP500L01M12 8 NC + NO x2 M12 88x25x13
XCSDMP5012 8 NC + NO x2 2 m cable 88x25x13
XCSDMP5015 8 NC + NO x2 5 m cable 88x25x13
XCSDMP501L01M12 8 NC + NO x2 M12 88x25x13
XCSDMP5905 8 NC + NO 5 m cable 88x25x13
XCSDMP5912 8 NC + NO 2 m cable 88x25x13
XCSDMP591L01M12 8 NC + NO M12 88x25x13
XCSDMP70110 8 NC + NO x2 10 m cable 88x25x13
XCSDMP7015 8 NC + NO x2 5 m cable 88x25x13
XCSDMP791L01M12 8 NC x2 M12 88x25x13
XCSDMR59010 8 NC + NO 10 m cable Ø30

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

The original source of text:tme.eu

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