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Products for electrotechnicians and installers from the power industry.

  • Meters, multimeters, laboratory equipment
    • Portable digital multimeters
    • AC/DC clamp meters and probes
    • Electrical testers
    • Phase sequence indicators
    • Pyrometers
    • Lux meters
    • Reflectometers
  • Electrical installation testers and meters
    • Insulation resistance meters
    • Earth resistance meters
    • RCD testers and meters
    • Electrical equipment testers
    • Cable detectors
    • Power quality analysers
    • Leak detectors
    • Milliohm meters
    • Short-circuit loop impedance meter

The vast range of products bySonel is now available in the TME catalogue. Sonel is a widely-known manufacturer, and its products belong on the top shelf of measuring instruments and are appreciated in the power and rail industries and other industry branches – above all those which use high-current and high-voltage power supply infrastructure. Below, we present Sonel products that you can now buy directly from TME warehouses. Because of the large number of products, this text presents the primary features and general characteristics of the equipment. For more information, we encourage you to visit our online catalogue in which you will find detailed specification of the presented Sonel products.

Meters, multimeters, laboratory equipment

The Sonel offer includes both basic measuring instruments, widely used by electricians and even electronic engineers (often even amateurs) – as well as highly accurate, specialised devices dedicated to professionals from the power industry. Below, we present the first group of products: the elementary equipment of service and repair workshops, and indispensable tools of electrotechnicians and maintenance engineers.

Portable digital multimeters

Portable digital multimeters by Sonel offer a wide array of functionalities. Aside from measuring voltage (up to 1kV AC/DC), current (up to 10A), resistance (from 50Ω to 10MΩ) and testing the continuity of the circuit – which are the basic functions required from modern meters – they also offer measurement of frequency (up to 10MHz), capacitance (up to 10mF), as well as the possibility to connect a temperature probe (included in the set in the case of some models). Multimeters are available in various sizes, including pocket-size, they are powered by single-use batteries or a built-in rechargeable battery, and they comply with the number of requirements under the EN61010 standard (in various categories). It should be noted that in the TME catalogue there are devices equipped with a Bluetooth module that allows for real-time transmission of measurement results to a phone with a Sonel Multimeter Mobile application installed, which makes it possible to, for example, monitor basic parameters of the installation while electrical loads are being connected to it. Meanwhile, the CMM-60 model is equipped with a built-in memory for 2000 records and a clear, graphic display which can show graphs that illustrate the data collected.


High-definition display allows for presentation of graphs.

AC/DC clamp meters and probes

Attachable clamp for measurements in hard-to-reach places.

Clamp meters gained popularity by offering a safe method of measuring high currents without the need to strip the insulation from high-voltage power lines. You can buy Sonel instruments designed for measurement of alternating and/or direct currents, as well as the model dedicated to examination of leakage current (and thus for diagnosing defects of the installation or damage of the connected equipment). Depending on the model, the Sonel offer in this category includes products with a measuring range of up to 3000A (up to 1000V), equipped with a thermocouple adapter, cover or case, as well as a number of useful functions, such as recording the peak value (PEAK HOLD) and threshold values (MIN/MAX), estimating inrush current, and an attachable flexible measuring coil.

Electrical testers

The basic test of an electrical installation is done precisely with the use of electrical testers: these compact devices let you determine the continuity of the connection, voltage supplied to an outlet (or switchboard), they can also be used for resistance measurement, phase presence testing, dangerous voltage difference detection (50V AC, 120V DC). They are handy and convenient devices which guarantee safety when working with installations rated up to 1000V, perfectly secured from environmental factors (IP65). Detecting whether a conductor is connected to the phase can also be done with the help of Sonel contactless testers (equipped with visual and sound alarm). These instruments definitely improve the safety of work with power installations, lowering the risk of accidentally touching a live wire.


Long cable makes the testing of voltage in big switch boxes easier.

Phase sequence indicators


Handy housing and colourful marking of the TKF-12 indicator probes.

Phase sequence indicators help determine the correct sequence of power lines in three-phase installations. It is, of course, the basic instrument for work with this type of a system – regardless of whether we talk about supplying a residential building or workplaces. Sonel products work with frequencies ranging from 10Hz to 70Hz and voltages from 35V to 690V AC – therefore they can also be used to test the power supply of engines controlled by inverters. The sensor is almost maintenance-free, it requires correct connection to the terminals, which is done with the help of probes included in the set or (in the case of selected models) a three-phase socket adapter.


Pyrometers became popular because they offer a quick and relatively accurate method of measuring temperature – a parameter that plays a crucial role in HVAC, construction, electronic, electric, automotive industries, and many more fields. Two models of Sonel pyrometers are available from the TME catalogue: in ranges from -32°C to 380°C and from -50°C to 1600°C. The products are characterized by a resolution of 0.1°C, and the higher model (DIT-500) has a number of features, like fast sampling frequency (over 6Hz), memory for 100 records, option to transfer data to a computer via USB cable, triggering alarm after exceeding pre-set threshold values.



Pyrometer is set in a comfortable, gun-shaped housing.

Lux meters


The sensor placed on the lead facilitates data collection process.

Lux meters are used to determine the intensity of illumination. It is a particularly crucial factor in offices and workplaces (specified by rules) but also in public space. These devices are characterized by high sensitivity and resolution (even 0.001lx), and they can be used in rooms illuminated by LED, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and similar lights. Measurements are done automatically (they can be done periodically and recorded in internal storage of 16 000 records). All the products have USB connectors for data transfer, and some models are also equipped with wireless communication modules.


Reflectometers by Sonel allow to locate damage of power supply and telecommunication infrastructure cables on sections up to 6000m long. On the display, you can see a graph that lets you precisely determine the location of damage (breakdown, damage caused by moisture). Reflectometers are dedicated to cable distributors, power installation producers, as well as maintenance technicians of powering and communication systems.


Easy-to-read graph for determining the exact location of damage.

Electric installations testers and meters

While the above-mentioned products from Sonel offer are characterised by their wide range of applications – below are the products that are, above all, dedicated to electricians, installers, broadly understood power industry and other professionals who need top-quality instruments. These are products offering high parameters, designed to be used in harsh environmental conditions – but also guarantee high precision of measurements. We have to highlight here that we are talking about measurements on which the safety of users, operators, and bystanders might depend.

Insulation resistance meters

Sonel MIC-5050 was designed with mobility in mind.

Measuring the resistance of insulation allows to provide proper protection for the operators of electrical equipment, users of electrical installations and to verify the safety of the core elements of the power supply infrastructure. The basic model offered by Sonel, MIC-30, is designed most of all for use in residential buildings, public utility buildings, workplaces – it is a good solution for checking parameters of central heating devices, floor heating devices, anti-icing systems, and also telecommunication and computer cables. In the case of MIC-10 and MIC-15 (with the maximum measurement voltage rated at 10kV and 15kV, respectively), the instruments can also be used in the rail industry, electrical power engineering facilities, to inspect street lighting cables and as protection of pole-mounted transformer stations, etc. Depending on the product, the measuring range can reach even 40TΩ.

The instruments are characterised by their resistance to electromagnetic interference (thanks to digital filters) and high current efficiency (which enables to burn the damaged insulation of a cable in order to quickly pinpoint the location of a short-circuit). Thanks to the smooth voltage rise in time function, the testers make it possible to detect and locate (through section measurements) partial discharge, that is, inspecting aging insulation. Selected models can be adjusted to examining the objects rated at over 34.5kV. These devices also feature a function of dielectric discharge test (they also automatically discharge the examined object after completing the tests).

Earth resistance meters

Earth resistance meters by Sonel come in a compact version (with basic functionality), MRU-10; and in an advanced version – MRU-120. The latter allows for taking measurements with the use of a 3- and 4-wire method, 3-pole method with clamps (multiple earthing), 2-clamp method (without the necessity of using auxiliary probes driven into the ground), as well as measuring the resistivity of the soil with the Wenner method and resistance of protective connections and equipotential bonding. Tests are easy to conduct thanks to the graphic LCD display and clearly labelled functions. Because earth tests are often taken in unfavourable environmental conditions (construction sites, antenna arrays), the manufacturer prepared a special version of heavy duty (MRU-120HD) meters, enclosed in a housing that is resistant to dust, moisture and mechanical damage.

MMR-630-ENGInside the lid of the housing, the manufacturer placed a short manual.

Additional functions of these devices include measurement of interference voltage, auxiliary electrodes, determining the resistivity of soil in ohm-metres (or: ohm-feet), as well as a clamp calibration function. As most of the Sonel devices, also MRU meters cooperate with dedicated software provided by the distributor, intended for report creation and precise analysis of the collected data. The products meet the requirements of the EN 61557-4 standard.

RCD testers and meters


Clear, backlit display facilitates work in limited lighting.

RCD testers, used to check the efficiency of residual current devices, are an essential piece of equipment when inspecting electrical installations. Measurements performed with Sonel testers can be taken on components with standard tripping currents (from 10mA up to 500mA). These are compact devices powered by a 9V battery, supplied with a case, cables, pin probes and crocodile clips. They feature a built-in memory of measurement results (990 records), a backlit, monochromatic LCD display with large characters. The device can be used with AC, A and B types of RCDs.

Electrical equipment testers

Proper testing of electrical devices (power tools, household appliances, industrial machinery) extends their service life, but also helps protect the operators from electric shock and minimises the risk of fire. Sonel testers are designed for examining the parameters indicated in a number of local and international safety standards, such as: resistance of the protective conductor, resistance of insulation, leakage current, power rating, power consumption, voltage and frequency. The functionality of the products also includes automatic choice of the measurement range or setting the time of RCD tripping.


Selected models of testers are equipped with a colour, backlit LCD screen.

Thanks to their compact design, easy connection to the tested circuit/device, and an intuitive interface (in the case of PAT-820: displayed on a large, colour screen), Sonel meters allow to significantly speed up the inspection and maintenance process. That is why they are desired instruments in maintenance departments, service and repair workshops by machinery parks, as well as companies that rent and lease electromechanical devices. Another asset of these products is their built-in memory, option to export the results to a dedicated analytic software (Windows system), as well as cooperation with a mobile app (Android). Moreover, with Sonel products, basic tests can be done on the go (the devices are battery-powered) . Meters have durable housings, resistant to environmental and mechanical factors.

Cable detectors


A receiver + transmitter set for locating underground objects.

A necessary instrument in civil engineering, power, gas, and petrochemical industries, as well as in rail and telecommunications industries. Sonel cable detectors allow for a precise determination of the routing and depth of power supply cables, telecommunication cables, pipes, and conduits (with the help of a transmitting probe driven into the soil). An additional functionality of the detectors is their ability to work in a radio/passive mode (detection of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the cable). Each device is equipped with functions that are useful during inspection works (e.g. alarm triggered when a cable that has been placed too shallow is detected). Detectors have an option to set the operating frequency (both for active and passive mode) and power. In the energy-efficient mode, certain models can work for up to 100 hours on a single charge.

Power quality analysers

In the category of power quality analysers, Sonel products can be divided into four groups. First are compact meters (MPI-507/506) with the basic functionality, allowing for checking if the installation was made correctly. These instruments offer a measurement of the short-circuit loop parameters (impedance in systems rated up to 240/415V AC with the maximum measuring current of 7.6A/13.1A); checking residual current devices (with residual current ranging from 10mA to 500mA), including measuring the actual current and tripping time; earth resistance measurement (using the 3-pole method) and measuring the resistance of protective and equipotential bonding; indicating phase sequence. Thanks to the handy housing, backlit keyboard and the option to connect it to a computer, this device is perfect for inspections in residential buildings or older industrial installations.


Analyser equipped with a GSM module which allows for mobile aggregation of data.

The MPI-520 meters have similar functionality, along with automated cable testing (also by plugging into a power socket). Additionally, these models also check the power parameters: voltage, alternating current, frequency, as well as active, reactive and apparent power. Another group of products (MPI-540) consists of top-quality multifunctional meters, equipped with a three-phase recorder, and designed for professional work in the electric and power industry, used for, among other things, setting up and inspecting photovoltaic systems. They allow for carrying out a fully automated, advanced test (based on the measurements in the S class of the EN 61000-4-30 standard) and printing out the results in the form of a report (with the help of dedicated software). Aside from obvious assets – full mobility and rechargeable battery power – the products are equipped with large touchscreens and software with a built-in support system (the operator receives a clear instruction on how to connect the analyser to the tested installation). Moreover, graphs of voltage and current in time (giving the device the functionality of a high-voltage oscilloscope) and other parameters might be presented on the display. The last group of products are the PQM-711 analysers – stationary devices designed for remote monitoring of power parameters. These products combine the functionality of all the above-mentioned devices, as well as an option to conduct a number of tests that are typical in the power industry (e.g. transformer overload; voltage and current asymmetry) while also having GSM, GPS and Wi-Fi modules installed. Data delivered by the analyser (or a group of analysers) can be aggregated centrally to oversee the energy distribution and generation network (e.g. on wind or solar farm).

Leak detectors

Case and additional probes (tips) in set with the detector.

Ultrasonic leak detectors help locate the damage in the installation (gap leak in pipes/hydraulic tanks and pressure vessels, etc.), sources of electrical discharge, and defects of metal objects (bearings, shafts, housings) with the use of acoustic waves (around 40kHz). The results are signalised acoustically and visually (bar graph display). The products come with a case and additional probes in set, allowing for inspections in hard-to-reach places – they are also resistant to typical environmental temperatures (from -20°C to 45°C), and as such they can be used both inside and outside of the buildings. They are powered by a 9V 6LR61 battery.

Milliohm meters

Milliohm meters have a number of uses – both in production processes, and during the examination of industrial devices. Sonel products, depending on the selected model, might be used to check electrical protection, contacts, joints (welded, soldered, screwed), and also resistive and inductive objects: motor, transformer, low-impedance coil windings, etc. Manual, automatic or continuous measurement is done using the 4-wire method, providing the highest accuracy of the results. The products are designed to comply with the requirements of the following standards: EN61010 300V CAT III, EN61010 300V CAT IV, EN61010 600V CAT III. Their lowest measurement range is 0…999µΩ, and the setting can take place automatically (along with thermal compensation). Because the devices are powered by a rechargeable battery and are characterised by a high IP rating (even up to IP67), they can be used in harsh environmental conditions.


The IP67 housing for work in harsh environment conditions.

Short-circuit loop impedance meter


Impedance measurement can be done using 2- and 4-wire methods.

These meters, powered by a rechargeable battery, allow for verification of the overcurrent protection in electric installations. These are high-current products (for examining circuits with fuses rated at few hundred A) that can operate in installations with rated voltage ranging from 110/190V to 400/690V (selected models) with the frequency rated at 45Hz – 65Hz, as well as take measurements from short-circuit systems (including phase-to-phase systems). The results of automated test (resistance and reactance) are displayed on the screen and can be stored in the device memory (up to 990 records). The instruments feature the function of measuring the expected touch voltage (and touch shock voltage). The meters are dedicated to the testing of devices/protections in wind power plants, rail and power industry installations.

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

The original source of text:tme.eu


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