LITTELFUSE and IXYS are among the world’s most renowned companies. Their products enjoy the trust of TME customers, too. That is why these American manufacturers are so often included in our offer. It would be difficult to describe all innovative components by LITTELFUSE and IXYS in one place – thus, below, we present a small sample from our catalogue. These are product series and families that stand out among the competitors (not only in terms of quality, but also price). You can order all the presented products directly from our warehouses, without the risk of delays in delivery!


When talking about the LITTELFUSE offer, you cannot ignore various types of protective devices. They constitute a significant part of the manufacturer’s product range available at TME. Due to the huge number of these components, below we mention only two selected product groups. However, for all customers interested in fuses and protective components, we recommend that you visit our catalogue and get acquainted with the full offer of these products by LITTELFUSE.


Surge arrestors are basic components for protecting electronic circuits. In the TME catalogue, you can find various types of LITTELFUSE surge arrestors designed for THT and SMT mounting. Apart from miniature sizes, they are characterised by a ceramic-metal casing filled with gas, thanks to which the arrestors release a minimum amount of energy. Consequently, they are perfectly suited for application in circuits that are subject to rigorous standards, such as test equipment, meters, ADSL instrumentation, as well as medical devices.


ITTELFUSE miniature fuses are available in various versions. Among them, the Nano2 family of products is worth a description. These are components enclosed in standard SMD packages: 1206 and 2410. They are also characterised by RoHS compliance and halogen-free design (in many cases also lead-free). These fuses are carefully adapted to specific operating conditions, hence the manufacturer specifies dedicated applications for each series. For example, the 448 series is available for a wide range of operating currents, and has been designed with computer networks and equipment, LCD monitors, as well as domestic appliances and consumer electronics in mind. The 465 series, on the other hand, has been adapted to operate at 250VAC and is suitable for application in power supplies, lighting systems or industrial equipment.


In 2017, LITTELFUSE acquired other, well-known manufacturer of electronic components – the IXYS brand. The company specialises in the manufacture of innovative semiconductor components, especially power semiconductor transistors, which could not be missing from the TME offer. Apart from transistors, our catalogue also includes diodes, rectifier bridges, drivers and thyristors from IXYS. Some of these products are available in the form of discrete semiconductor modules.


IGBTs, i.e. insulated-gate bipolar transistors, are more and more often becoming an alternative to MOSFETs. They are attractive in terms of price, characterized by low switching voltage, and are an optimal solution for high current or high voltage applications. The basic variant of these components is the NPT (Non Punch Through) design. Thanks to their large safe operating area (SOA), they perform well in electric motor drivers.

A disadvantage of NPT IGBTs is their slow switching speed (compared to MOSFETs) and the presence of a tail current on the collector. This problem is solved by the Punch Through (IGBT-PT) technology, which consists in incorporating a buffer into the component layers, which accelerates the recombination of charges in the transistor. This allows for lower energy losses, and the component achieves a negative temperature coefficient, i.e. the voltage on the component decreases as the temperature increases. This type of solutions is used in power supplies, DC converters etc.

The TME offer includes both types of IGBTs, placed in standard packages designed for both SMD and THT mounting.


The XPT (Extreme-light Punch-Through) technology is a variant of the PT solution characterized by the use of an extremely thin buffer layer. In this way, low thermal resistance of the components is achieved, the maximum switching frequency is increased, the switching voltage is further lowered and energy losses are reduced. IGBTs based on this technology are available directly from TME’s warehouse in a modular variant.


POLAR series power MOSFETs have been developed with a compromise between price and attractive specification in mind. Their most important features are: on-state low drain-source resistance (RDS) and small load required on the gate to switch on the transistor. Consequently, POLAR transistors can work effectively in applications with a wide frequency spectrum. At the same time: smaller passive elements are used to operate them, which reduces the size and weight of the device. The POLAR series is well protected against currents occurring when handling inductive loads, such as motors, electromagnets, coils, etc.


It should be mentioned here that many of the LITTELFUSE products offered via TME are mainly applied in industry and automation. An example of such solutions are the IXYS OptoMOS low power relays.


OptoMOS is a type of solid-state relay. Components of this kind are based (as the name suggests) on the technology of optical isolation of circuits. They are used anywhere where the control unit and the controlled device operate in extremely different voltage ranges, or advanced isolation is required for safety reasons (e.g. medical devices, flow meters for flammable liquids, aviation industry). This is one of the best methods of protecting controllers from damage due to electrical breakdown. The isolation voltage for OptoMOS products ranges from 1.5kV to 5kV. They are available in packages for both surface and through-hole mounting (or THT sockets). The control current usually does not exceed 100mA, while the operating current can reach up to 11A. Most often these components can operate in the temperature range from -40°

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