PREVENTA XPS universal safety relays


Universal protection from Schneider Electric.

Preventa XPS Universal is a new generation of Schneider Electric safety relay modules. These user (installer)-friendly modules implement the management of single safety functions in all potentially dangerous applications of simple to medium complexity.

The Schneider Preventa XPS range offers greater simplicity and innovative, intuitive features – ensuring adequate protection for the operator and the machine itself. The unquestionable advantage of these devices is that each module can be adapted to several different safety functions. The functions can be selected via rotary switches located on the front of the module and include: emergency stop, antivalent contacts, protection switch, magnetic switch, safety proximity sensor, PNP sensor, NPN sensor, RFID safety switch, safety curtains, two-hand operation control, and mat/edge sensor. This functionality reduces the number of different module types, making it easier to manage the availability of machine spare parts, and thus improves inspection, maintenance, and servicing in machinery workshops.


XPSUAB31CP and XPSUAT33A3AP modules

Module type: safety relay module
Supply voltage: 24 V AC/DC or 48-240 V AC/DC
Mounting: DIN-rail
Operating temperature: -25°C to 50°C
Connections: screw terminals or spring terminals
Safety category: 4

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