OS-CON aluminium polymer capacitors


New components from Panasonic.

The OS-CON capacitors from Panasonic are now available at TME. They are characterised by the lowest ESR in their class and high resistance to ripple currents. All aluminium-polymer components in this group are also characterised by excellent interference suppression capability. The products feature a wide range of operating voltages (from 2.5V to 100V DC) and capacitances (from 4.7µF to 1500µF). Thanks to their properties, they are ideal as decoupling elements, as well as components for power system filters (switched-mode powers supplies).

The OS-CON product line features several subseries:

  • SXE, SEF, SEK – high voltage capacitors for industrial and medical applications
  • SVPC, SVPE – components dedicated to work with DC/DC converters
  • SVPG, SEPG – groups tolerating high ripple currents, with exceptionally low ESR, designed to be used in circuits of servers and other data communication equipment


Polymer capacitor 6SEPC560MW

OS-CON capacitors from Panasonic are available in surface-mount (SMD) and through-hole (THT) housings. All products are RoHS compliant and lead-free.

Mounting SMD or THT
Operating voltage from 2.5V to 100V DC
Capacitance from 4.7µF to 1500µF
Impedance from 7mΩ to 240 mΩ
Lifetime up to 5000h


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