ONPOW vandal-resistant switch


Versatile high-durability electromechanical component.

Switches categorised as “vandal-resistant” are a highly popular product. Although they are mainly associated with devices located in public spaces (lifts, ticket machines, etc.), their exceptional mechanical resistance makes them suitable for use in a multitude of fields – from general industry to medical devices. Today, we would like to recommend one such versatile product to our customers: the V16 model supplied by Asian manufacturer ONPOW.

It is a robust, stainless steel switch designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and mechanical impact. The component is suitable for use in direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) circuits. Its mechanical durability exceeds 1,000,000 switching operations. The electrical durability depends on the loads applied to the switch contacts and amounts to at least 200,000 operations at 36 V DC and at least 50,000 operations at 220 V AC. The switch contacts feature the SPST-NO configuration, and their leads are suitable for wire soldering, which means that the product can be integrated into almost any circuit (provided the circuit meets the rated operating parameters of the switch). The component is designed to be panel-mounted using a screw tightened onto a threaded body. For the V16 model, the mounting hole diameter is 16 mm, and the maximum panel thickness is 6 mm.

Vandal-resistant switch: V16-10F-S

The switch is IP65-rated, which means that it is fully dustproof and its design limits the ingress of water into the housing (resistance to precipitation, splashing). The operating temperature of the component (thermal tolerance) spans from -20°C to 55°C.

Thanks to its properties, the V16-10F-S switch can be deployed e.g. in heavy industrial machines, lifts, operator panels, food dispensers, ticket machines and many other applications that require components that are characterised by exceptional durability and resistance.

Type of switch: vandal-resistant
Body material: stainless steel
Ring shape: rounded
Button shape: flat
Body colour: silver
Illumination: none
Total no. of positions: 2
No. of stable positions: 1
Contact configuration: SPST-NO
IP rating: IP65
Leads: for soldering
Operating temperature: -20…55°C
Operating force: 4 N
Mechanical durability: 1000000 cycles
Electrical durability at AC (220 V): 50000 cycles
Electrical durability at DC (36 V): 200000 cycles
Mounting hole diameters: Ø16 mm

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

The original source of text:tme.eu


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