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For automation, robotics and communication systems.

TME offer now includes cables from Nexans, a popular global manufacturer. Although Nexans is primarily known for its power industry solutions, it is also one of renowned industrial automation cable manufacturers. Nexans cables are suitable for a wide range of applications – they offer flexibility and resistance to repeated bending to which communication and control lines in guideways are usually exposed. These dedicated products are designed for high reliability – ensuring long service life, repeatability and minimising downtime and maintenance. With a wide choice of the number of conductors, high flexibility and other diverse parameters, our customers can easily find the best solution to suit their needs. Below is an overview of our initial range of products by Nexans – however, already at this point we’d like to emphasise that this range is going to be expanded.

Data transmission cables

Nexans products available at TME mainly include cables dedicated for industrial solutions as well as cables for building automation communication systems and similar applications. Data transmission in harsh environmental conditions, which occur in the above mentioned applications, requires conductor protection. The first layer of protection is the outer sheath, made of PVC or PUR – guaranteeing optimal resistance to cable pulling. In the case of PUR, additional advantages include low flammability (cables do not spread flame) and resistance to oils (according to EN 50363). Copper conductors (also tin-plated) in the form of a wire or strand are additionally shielded with foil (in pairs) and/or wire braid. Their thermal resistance ranges (in most cases) from -20°C to 80°C.


Double shielding reduces interference and improves mechanical properties.

A special type of data transmission cables are Ethernet cables manufactured according to the Cat5e standard, i.e. gigabit transmission cables. Double shielding and twisted pairs of conductors limit the influence of internal (so-called cross-talk) and external (EMC) interference on the transmission quality. As a result, these products can be used in industrial environments as well as densely packed cable ducts.

Automation cables


6-core cable with an additional PE conductor made according to Siemens standard.

These cables are designed for automation, so they are adapted to be used in guides – they can withstand repetitive motion, narrow bending radii and significant pulling acceleration. The two main product groups are test leads and control cables (e.g. for servo drives). They are made to comply with Bosch, Heidenhain, Siemens standards and default configurations that can be used in any industrial robotics application. The conductors in the form of copper strands and the additional shielding make it possible to apply these products also for communication purposes. Therefore, they can be used not only for the supply of power (even 1kV for selected products), but also for precise control of moving machine components (CNC heads, probing heads, etc.).

It is important to underline that Nexans’ products are compliant with CSA FT1 (flame resistance) and UL 1581 (American standard for industrial cables). Depending on the system used and preferences, you can choose between colour- or number-coded conductor, protective conductors (PE) and additional longitudinal reinforcements to improve resistance to bending and pulling.

Universal multicore cables

The multicore control cables from Nexans available at TME include from 2 to 25 wires in the form of strands with a cross-section area up to 6mm2. Similarly to the products described above, they are also protected against many chemicals (including oils), don’t spread flames and demonstrate good mechanical properties (class 5 flexibility and a small bending radius). They can be used in installations operating at maximum voltages of 300V, 600V or 1kV. These parameters make them an ideal choice for a range of industrial and building automation applications. Our catalogue includes halogen-free versions (i.e. when in contact with fire, they don’t emit vapours which are harmful to health), as well as non-shielded cables.


Multicore control cable adapted to 1kV applications.

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

The original source of text: tme.eu

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