New series of safety relays from Panasonic


S-FM series flat safety relays

S-FM is a new series of safety relays offered by Panasonic. The relays have a flat design (height 7.8 mm), thanks to which they enable a significant miniaturization of the target application.

The S-FM relays have forcibly guided contacts according to EN 61810-3 standard on both NO and NC side, as well as the ability to switch low level loads (1 mA, 10 V). In addition, the relays have shock resistance up to 20G and operate over a wide temperature range (from -40°C to 85°C). The relays will be widely used, among others, in railway applications (semaphores, railway signals), industrial presses, lifts, etc.


ASFM0125S miniature relay

Relay type: Miniature relay
Contact configuration: NC + NO
Max. contact current: 6 A
Coil power consumption: 270 mW
External dimensions: 33x14x7.8 mm

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