A new range of monitoring relays by Carlo Gavazzi


Monitoring voltage and electric current in AC and DC circuits.

Carlo Gavazzi is an international company which designs and manufactures electrical devices. The brand offers a wide range of essential components used in industrial and building automation as well as distribution boards.


DPA01CM44DPA series


DPB01CM48DPB series


DPC01DM48DPC series


DIB01CB235ADIB series

At TME, you can now purchase monitoring relays by Carlo Gavazzi designed for monitoring electric current in DC and AC circuits (single-phase and three-phase). The products have been equipped with high-quality electronic components, which offer a wide range of useful features and ensure reliability. The relays can be mounted on 35 mm DIN rails, commonly used in distribution boards and control cabinets. The products are divided into four series:

  • the DPAseries is intended for monitoring phase loss and phase sequence in a range from 208 V to 690 V AC,
  • the DPBseries can signal over- and under-voltage according to the pre-set threshold values (in a range from 208 V to 480 V AC); the products are also equipped with a true RMS meter,
  • the DPCseries displays similar capabilities; however, the products from this series can operate at a wider voltage range (from 100 V to 690 V AC); they have also been equipped with two distinct SPDT relay outputs,
  • the DIBproducts are a separate series intended for single-phase and DC circuits; they are designed to monitor electric current flowing across the circuit.

Apart from this, how the relays operate depends on the AC voltage frequency (in a range from 50 Hz to 400 Hz). The products can be used for three-phase measurement (relative to the N line) or phase-to-phase measurement, depending on the model.

The products included in the DIB series monitor electrical current, which is measured with a built-in shunt resistor in a range from 0.1 mA to 10 A (or: up to 100 A, in the case of the DIB01CM24100A model). The relays are intended for 24–48 V AC, 24–48 V DC, 115/230 V AC circuits.

The range of values to be monitored can be selected with potentiometers mounted on the front panel, as well as using switches situated underneath the housing. In addition, you can also adjust the time delay from 0.1 s to 30 s. The products are equipped with LEDs which indicate the state of the monitored circuit. What is more, the relays provide output screw terminals. The change-over contacts can operate at a current of 5 A and 8 A, which enables you to control indicator circuits and receivers.

Type of module*: voltage/current monitoring relay
Mounting method: DIN
Type of output*: DPDT, SPDT, SPDTx2
Supply voltage*: 24–48V DC, 24–230 V AC
Output electrical parameters*: 24 V DC / 5 A, 250 V AC / 5 A, 250 V AC / 8 A
Leads: screw terminals
Operating temperature: -20…60°C

* depending on the model

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

The original source of text:tme.eu

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