New OMRON pulse counters


Convenient and easy-to-use automation solutions.

TME offer now includes the latest pulse counters from OMRON, a renowned manufacturer of electronic components for automation. These products, the H7CC series, are designed for industrial applications with a focus on easy operation and long lifetime.

The main advantages of H7CC counters include a large, easy-to-read display and simple setting. Each of the counter’s six digits has its own pair of adjustment buttons (up/down). White characters are presented on a contrasting black background. The signal wires (input and output) are mounted using screw terminals or round plug-in connectors – depending on the model. The counter outputs can be either transistor or relay, which extends the range of possible applications. In addition, the counter features a built-in signal for exceeding the guaranteed lifetime – a function that falls under the category of predictive maintenance, which avoids downtime and biased results.


Screw terminal connection


Plug-in connection

Pulses can be counted in an incremental or decremental (based on a pre-set value) mode, as well as in a mixed mode. Selected variants of the H7CC counters also feature a tachometer. Devices with screw terminals can also count pulse groups and operate as a double counter. The H7CC series offers two count speeds: a maximum frequency of 30Hz (pulse from 16.7ms upwards) or 10kHz (0.05ms pulse).


Type of counter electronic
Counted value pulses
Counting range from -99999 to 999999
Mounting panel-mounted (DIN rail or stand)*
Kind of counter with a pre-set value, incremental/decremental, tachometer*
Input type NPN/PNP/contact
Output type NPN transistor output, SPST or SPDT relay output*

* selected models

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