New inline WAGO quick connectors


Inline connectors for rigid cables.

WAGO connectors are well known to European electricians. In many countries, above all in Germany, they are the de facto  standard for connectors used to create network and power supply installations. Until now, the most popular products of this kind have been manufactured in the form of blocks with lever-actuated terminals and holes for inserting wires on one wall of the body. In the case of the new series, 221-2411, presented below, holes are found on opposite walls, thanks to which the connected cables remain parallel to one another. These are Inline connectors.

The main purpose of 221-2411 accessories is to join cables into lines: for the purpose of extending them, repairing broken wires or making standard connections in installations. They are compatible with cables with cross-sections from 0.75mm2 to 4mm2.

Such a simple connection, made without tools, can be made in circuits operating under voltages up to 450V and with current intensities up to 32A. Since 221-2411 connectors are distinguished by compact dimensions (only 29mm in length), they can successfully be used to support multi-wire cables, even when they are connected in small spaces, such as densely packed distribution cabinets or junction boxes.


Quick connector 221-2411

WAGO connectors are ideal for construction sites and renovations, where cables may be damaged accidentally, e.g. during drilling, making furrows, etc. These accessories are also useful when replacing sockets or switches, when the connecting wire may be subject to excessive stress. Thanks to new solutions from WAGO, repairing cables in any conditions takes a moment and ensures continuity without reducing the circuit’s electrical parameters.

Connector type quick connector
Connector series 2273
Electrical installation spring terminal
Cable cross-section 0.75…4mm2
Rated voltage 450V
Rated current 32A
Mechanical installation on cable
Number of lines 1
Number of terminals 2
Trade name quick splice

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