New har-modular connectors from Harting

har-modular Harting_RD

Modular solution for board-to-board connections.

Following the success of the han-modular series, Harting has gone one step further by creating the new series of modular connectors called har-modular. It is a group of products designed for board-to-board connections. It allows you to combine different types of connectors in one place. This significantly reduces the time and cost of design and production.

There are three groups of modules among the components. The first are signal modules, pins with a maximum current of 2 A or a single coaxial connector with an impedance of 50 Ω or 75 Ω. Harting has also developed several variants of power modules (from 1 pin 40 A to 4 pins with a maximum current of 4 x 6 A). The last type are high-current modules that allowing secure connection under voltage up to 2800 V.

har-modular Harting

Har-modular connectors

A special configurator has been created on the Harting website to facilitate the selection of elements that will make up the connector best suited to the customer’s needs.

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