Miniature SMD LEDs by Bivar


Optoelectronic components in a standard 0402 package.

Nowadays, LEDs are mainly associated with energy-efficient lighting, but we should not forget about their signalling function which is still very important. If we choose the right colour of the diode and place it in the right spot on the device’s enclosure, the operator will be able to see from a distance whether the equipment is up and running or if a fault has occurred. Compared to an incandescent bulb, LEDs need very little current, they practically do not heat up and can operate for a very long time. This has enabled their far-reaching miniaturisation, thanks to which they can be conveniently integrated into compact circuits.

Bivar offers miniature surface-mount colour LEDs (SMD) in a standard 0402 package, i.e. components with a footprint of just 1.0×0.5 mm and a profile height of as little as 0.5 mm. In addition, they feature a transparent lens (water clear) to achieve maximum luminous brightness with a viewing angle of 130°. The low power consumption, long lifetime and truly compact dimensions make these components a perfect solution for use as indicators in portable battery-powered devices, for panel backlighting and for other applications where size limitation is important.



Mounting method SMD
Package 0402
LED colour* green or red
Luminosity* 28,5 mcd or 90 mcd
Dimensions 1×0.5 mm
Viewing angle 130°
LED current 20 mA
Wavelength λd* 572 nm or 631 nm
Diode lens transparent
Power 78 mW
Front flat
Operating voltage* 1.9–2.6 V or 2.1–2.6 V

* depending on the model

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